10 Best Bath Soaks and Soaps

10 Best Bath Soaks and Soaps

Water is becoming more precious. Take it seriously.

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1) Seaweed Mineral Bath

One of the best new product companies to debut in some time, Earth Matters takes an interesting approach to self-care. Each product is uniquely designed to address the three body types—endomorph, ectomorph, and mesomorph—through organically “constitutionally” formulated products made with marine plants, herbs, essential oils, and medicinal clays. The aim here is to restore your elemental balance. A great way to begin is with this bath powder, rich in Dead Sea salts, algae, and ionized clay infused with constitutional aromatics. ($65)

2) Mustard Bath

Always in my travel bag, this Mustard Bath is pure magic when you just want to soak in some serious essential-oil goodness. It’s a super-clearing blend of eucalyptus, rosemary, wintergreen, and thyme, and perfect when you’re feeling under the weather or when you need to rejuvenate. There’s just something about this mustard-seed bath that’s like no other. ($3.65 to $157.50)

3) Himalayan Salt Detox Bath


An end-of-the-day favorite: Pour these pure Himalayan sea salts into your bath and allow yourself to relax for 30 minutes, soaking in the mineral-rich goodness. Your body will thank you. ($22)

4) Ginger Bath & Body Oil


We wanted to linger longer than usual in this incredibly warming bath that features two distinct types of ginger, as well as coriander and other soothing essential oils in a nourishing sunflower-seed oil base. This top-notch bath and body oil has anti-inflammatory qualities that help alleviate soreness, arthritis, and cramps. Not to mention it’s super-moisturizing for the skin. Two capfuls will do it. ($56)

5) Inner Strength Bath & Shower Oil


This exquisite bath oil is an uplifting blend of clary sage, frankincense, and cardamom. It makes for a calming and soothing bath (careful, you only need a capful). Created by the company’s co-founder, Geraldine Howard, who recently passed away, it was formulated at a time when she needed to find her own inner strength during her treatment for cancer. Ten percent of proceeds of this oil go to the Defense Against Cancer Foundation. ($73)

6) Wildly Natural Seaweed Powder


If you’re looking for a good unscented bath soak, this is a nice option (though you’ll also find lavender and eucalyptus and peppermint options). The powder form is derived from hand-harvested brown seaweed from Maine, and includes argan oil and vitamin E among its skin-soothing ingredients. ($19.89)

7) Almond Pure-Castile Liquid Soap


A cult classic if ever there was one. We like the subtle almond aroma and gentle ingredients (organic and fair trade) that are concentrated and biodegradable. One product does the trick: use on your face, body, and hair—you can even use this as a household cleanser. Available in two-ounce to one-gallon sizes, and seven more pleasant aromas. ($3.19 to $63.99)

8) Vermont Clay Bar Soap


Fullers earth is a star ingredient in this face and body soap that’s especially beneficial for oily skin. It has a nice creamy lather and astringent quality (thanks to rosemary extract). Organic coconut, palm, and olive oils included. The company, creator of many other fine bar soaps, recommends using this soap after a good sauna sweat. (6.98)

9) Lavender & Chamomile Milk Bath


We love the story behind this new brand created by Blake and Carmen Gendebein, owners and operators of Twin Mill Farms in New York. The couple recently debuted a “farm-to-bottle” product line inspired by their beloved dairy farm. Many of the ingredients come from the farm and community—like the lavender and chamomile found in this soothing milk bath. ($18 to $30)

10) Canadian Pine with White Sage Soap


This bar gives soap a good name: long-lasting with a terrific aroma (pine is always so uplifting) and a great feel to it, it’s loaded with whole plant botanicals. A classic bar that goes the distance. ($9.00)

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