10 Best Mists to Spritz

10 Best Mists to Spritz

A wonderful way to refresh yourself throughout the day, these aromatic mists can help in a variety of ways.

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1) Sleep Soothing Mist


It’s not a surprise that this mist, one of the brand’s first blends, is its bestseller. A soothing blend of lavender, marjoram, cedar wood, and ylang ylang, this is a truly relaxing and sleep inducing blend. For best results, simply spray on the corners of your pillowcase, on your sheets, and around your sleeping area. ($8.50)

2) Imagination Energy Mist


The masterminds behind Phia Lab developed what they call an energy spectrum that classifies essential oils into five “energy bouquets.” There’s Adventure, Balance, Confidence, Grounding, Focus, and Imagination. Imagination is a spectacular blend of lavender, lilac, ylany ylang, and frankincense, and this luxurious aloe-infused mist hits all the right notes.($27)

3) Joy Juice Energy Mist


Who couldn’t use an extra dose of joy? This mist is meant to help do away with worry and aims to bring out your inner child—the emphasis is on joy, laughter, and fun. Jasmine and sweet orange add to the aroma, while the power of African Daisy and Birdsfoot Lotus flowers add an alchemical edge. Flower remedies at their finest. ($40)

4) Aromatherapy Mists


There are a dozen different mists to choose from in this line, including an Awakening Yoga mist (grapefruit and lavandin orange), a Peaceful Patchouli Sweet Orange mist, and even Pep Talk (cardamom and peppermint) and Panic Button (a calming blend of lavender, neroli, and petitgrain) mists. ($7.99 to $9.99)

5) Clarity Aroma Mist


A nice blend of sweet orange and cedar intended to help clear your mind. This company has a number of other good blends, including Hope (vanilla and rose) and Meditation (patchouli). ($7.50)

6) Beauty Elixir


Formulated with grape extracts and essential oils, this is a true cult favorite said to be inspired by Queen Isabelle of Hungary’s famous elixir of youth A spritz of this facial mist revitalizes skin with ingredients like rosemary and mint, and is a nice pick-me-up throughout the day and on long flights. Really leaves skin looking radiant. ($49)

7) Organic Rose Hydrosol Facial Mist

100% PURE

This is a simple and lovely floral facial mist that may be used throughout the day to refresh normal and dry skin types. Hydrates nicely and leaves skin feeling and looking fresh. ($15)

8) Calendula Hydrosol


This pioneering herbal company, based out of Eugene, Oregon, creates all kinds of good-for-you concoctions—including a number of hydrosols. Calendula, known for its refreshing and soothing qualities, is especially beneficial for dry skin. This beloved herb has long been used to improve the appearance of the skin. Available in two sizes.($8.75 to $20.25)

9) Holy Basil Hydrosol


Located in the pristine Baraboo Bluffs of central Wisconsin, this line of herbal wellness products is handmade on a 130-acre certified organic farm. All of the hydrosols are distilled from whole fresh herbs, and this one has centering qualities and a warming scent. ($14.99)

10) Stress-Free Boost


Lavender, bergamot, and geranium essential oils combine to create a calming, relaxing blend in this mist, that’s said to have been inspired by the “tranquil waters of Bermudian paradise.” There’s a reason we keep this one on our desk. ($30)

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