My Practice: Spiritual Telepathy

My Practice: Spiritual Telepathy

Try this basic form of creative meditation to start building your bridge to the soul.


In the last twenty years, there have been many books, articles and trainings that have taught us to access our innate inner wisdom. We have learned to rely on our intuition for guidance about our work, our relationships, and other aspects of our day-to-day lives. We also have another, even higher source of information: our souls. The soul, the repository of our many lifetimes of experience, is our most reliable source of direction and guidance. It is our divine partner, an internal GPS system that guides our lives, first as subtle promptings and later, as we establish a deeper connection, as a source of wisdom we can contact at will. And, when make contact with the soul, we have the ability to register thoughts and ideas from and even higher source—the universal, or divine mind, the storehouse of all wisdom and knowledge.

I have always been very touched—and envious—when reading of those able to communicate with the higher worlds. Joan of Arc, for example, talked to saints and angels, Eileen Caddy received guidance that lead to the founding of the Findhorn community in Scotland, and the botanist George Washington Carver walked in the woods each morning to talk to God. It’s always stirred a longing in me, and I’ve always wondered, is it only special people—people more evolved than I am—who can have these experiences? Is it somehow preordained?

As I studied this subject, it became clear that these experiences are possible for all of us. The key is a daily meditation practice called raja yoga or creative meditation. Many meditation practices focus only on quieting the mind. With this type of meditation, we go a step further and actively train our minds to transmit information from the soul to the brain where it is formulated into thought.

In the same way that our homes are wired for telephone and internet connection, this type of meditation allows us to create the threads and cables that will link us to the higher worlds. As we project our attention upward to the soul, day after day, we anchor small threads of energy that will eventually, thread by thread, form a bridge of communication between the mind, the brain and the soul.

In the ancient world, only initiates had access to this type of mind training. Today, this training is self-initiated and self-imposed. It is up to us to decide if and when we are ready to commit to the daily discipline this training requires. Like an athlete who slowly builds strength and muscle by lifting weights every day, we become mental athletes as we train our minds, step by step, to access ever higher and more subtle realms of thought.

Try this basic form of creative meditation to start building your bridge to the soul. Remember that discipline, persistence and regularity are the keys to success. It’s better to meditate ten minutes per day than an hour once a week. Morning is always the best time, before your mind becomes engaged with the tasks of the day.

Give yourself fifteen minutes of uninterrupted quiet time. Calm yourself by closing your eyes and following your breath, in and out, for a count of ten.

When you are ready, use your creative imagination to lift your consciousness to a focal point outside and above your head. See this as the rational mind, now still and receptive. Project a line of light upwards to the soul center, six inches above your head. See it as a brilliant sun, a radiant source of energy. 

Visualize this line of light reaching even higher, toward the higher, or intuitive, mind. Take a moment to hold this lighted alignment. Pause for a moment as you experience the light and energy of your soul. Then, holding the mind steady in the light, listen for the subtle voice of your soul.

Make note of any information you receive. To end your meditation, silently sound the Om and visualize a pure white light pouring down from your soul, illuminating your mind, calming your emotions, and invigorating your physical body. Send out this incoming light and love to your family and friends, and all those in need of healing.

Our daily contact with the light of our souls raises our vibration and speeds up our spiritual growth. This practice has had a profound effect on my life. I have more peace and joy in my life, a consistent source of guidance, and more clarity about my work. Try it; it will change your life.

This material was adapted from Spiritual Telepathy: Ancient Techniques to Access the Wisdom of Your Soul, by Colleen Mauro and used with the permission of Quest Books. © 2015 by Colleen Mauro. The meditation was adapted and used with the permission of Lucis Trust.

Colleen Mauro is the author of Spiritual Telepathy: Ancient Techniques to Access the Wisdom of Your Soul. She was also the founder and editor-in-chief of Intuition Magazine. She can be reached at

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