Safely Negotiating the Spiritual Minefield

Safely Negotiating the Spiritual Minefield

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It’s scary, isn’t it? You totally and sincerely wish to tread a spiritual path. You’re earnest, you’re eager, you want to discover and understand philosophies and techniques that will enable you to change yourself and this world for the better and, in reaching out for spiritual help and knowledge, you suddenly find yourself bombarded by a bewildering kaleidoscope of choices and terminology.

Now, if only there was some sort of ‘spiritual geiger counter’ that could be employed by those seeking grounded, sensible, and just plain right esoteric knowledge, enabling them to determine whether what they are being told and asked to believe is beneficial for them and for the world…something that could sort the wheat from the chaff, as it were.

Fortunately there is—and the amazing thing is that this priceless piece of equipment is not available exclusively via some website, nor is it displayed at any stall at any mind/body/spirit event, but it is yours right now, today and has been within you since the day you were born.

It’s called your ‘heart-mind’ and is an aspect of our spiritual make-up that Joseph (the advanced soul who communicates through me) is emphatic we should recognise and use at all times:

Joseph: ‘Get to the point of knowing. Become silent…throw out the books…throw out the concepts…become silent…listen to the real you…ask to connect to God…and see what the heart tells you. That is the starting point.

‘We have to go back to the principle, to the reality, of you having two minds. You have a mind in your head that is influenced by the Field [reference to the shared consciousness of mankind]. You have a mind in your heart that is influenced by your soul and your connection to God. Therefore, in praying to God and requiring guidance you need to think not from the head but from the heart.

‘You need to make an agreement with yourself that each day you will spend a few minutes thinking from the heart-mind.

‘How do you do that? You do that by retreating from the head-mind, by switching off the effects of the head-mind. You sit, you become quiet, you ask for protection from God, and your mind will be crowded with a million and one things and sights and sounds and sensations. You then see yourself retreating from those sights and sounds and sensations and taking a path, perhaps through a golden cornfield that leads you gently down to an oasis or a well that is perfectly still. And behind you, as you walk down that field, is your physical mind, getting fainter and fainter —you cannot hear the sounds, you cannot see the sights, you cannot feel the sensations or the demands. You can only see this beautiful, still pool of Light, and, under a perfect blue sky and surrounded by the golden corn, you sit down at the edge of this perfect, vast, deep, still water.

‘You look into it and you know that you are now contacting God from your heart. And then you ask, ‘Father, am I right?’ and look into the pool and see the reflection of yourself and look into your eyes and the answer will be there: yes or no.

‘Do I need to modify my plan — yes or no?

‘Do I need to work with You today — yes or no?

‘Are the feelings I have while I am not operating from the heart-mind true or false? Are they there or not? Are they illusion or heart-truth?

‘And do not expect instant answers but expect to have to go to that well, to that pond, on a daily basis whenever there is something troubling you, whenever you need an answer, because you will always get an answer once you are used to tuning in. And you will either see that answer in your reflection or you will sit there on the edge of that pond with your eyes closed in your imagination and you will hear your own voice say yes or no, or you will feel yourself say yes or no. You will feel it - not just say it, not just think it - but feel it!

‘And you will become used to contacting you; to making friends with you; to operating from the centre, from the source. The promptings of the heart-mind apply in all areas of life: in business, in relationships, in healing, in having peace of mind, in knowing how to work spiritually.

‘The heart-mind answers all.

‘Do you feel, do you think that God would leave you here without a connection back to Him?

‘Ah, men and women over the years have said: “This way lies God! I will connect on your behalf. I will connect through the physical mind and through praying for you on your behalf to God.” Avoid those ladies and gentlemen! You will connect with the God-within because you are the God-within, and, therefore, as the God-within, you have access to all knowledge. You know in every situation what to do—it is just that the head-mind masks the promptings of the heart-mind.

‘Having sat by your still, wonderful, deep, peaceful pool for as long as you wish, you can retreat back up through the cornfield and bring out into the physical mind the gold light of that cornfield, the blue of the perfect sky and the peace you have discovered from your heart. And then, because you are operating again from a combination of heart and mind, trust what you have been given. Trust what you have been given! Put it into practice. Try it out. And you will see that time and again you are right because you cannot be wrong. Only your mind can be wrong. The ‘you’ that is you can only be right in the circumstances that come to you for you and the good of others.

‘We are coming to a time when people must trust, must consult the heart-mind, because the heart-mind gives access to the greater self, and the greater self can see and hear; the greater self knows what to do on a God-level, knows how to put things right, knows how to comfort, knows how to counsel, knows what to do in every situation, and also how to repair you. When you are depressed, when you are down, when you are ill, the energies from the heart-mind can repair you, will repair you, time and time and time again—a limitless and endless source of comfort.’

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Joseph, is a highly-evolved spirit communicator who is deeply worried about the fate of mankind and returns to deliver, through Michael, compelling spiritual information from higher levels of consciousness regarding both personal and global enlightenment.

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