16 Affirmations for Letting Love In

16 Affirmations for Letting Love In

Love is scary. Use these affirmations and be open to love.


The first time I fell in love, I felt blindsided. What is this incredible sense of vulnerability?, I wondered. I thought love was supposed to feel great! I did feel great, euphoric, but I also felt terrified, nauseated, and fragile. No one can prepare you for that sensation: joy—with a side serving of terror.

Love is scary. It’s big. The biggest emotion out there. Big like the ocean, and just as swirling and surging and complex. To knowingly row out there onto those towering emotions, with your little dinghy of a heart, takes bravery. It takes openness, willingness. All of that can be especially hard if you’ve survived a previous emotional shipwreck. Yet the rewards of love, ah, they are as deep as the sea, too. So no matter what kind of love you’re looking to let into your life—a new cat, a boyfriend, a wife, a child—let’s get paddling.

  • Loving myself fully will let me love someone else fully.
  • There is space at my table for someone to join me.
  • I let go of past wounds and fears.
  • I welcome love in all its forms.
  • Today I treat myself well, just as I should be treated.
  • I am worthy of a deep, real and lasting love.
  • I’m ready to share my heart with another.
  • My heart is open, and I feel strong and protected.
  • I’m ready to find happiness now.
  • Love exists within me; it is my natural state.
  • I have the ability to bring joy and happiness to others, and they to me.
  • I am love, I am love, I am love.
  • I’m sending out love and it’s coming back to me.
  • The more I love me, the more I can love others.
  • Love is my destiny.
  • I see love everywhere I go.

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