The Power of We: 3 Ways Qi Gong Can Heal

The Power of We: 3 Ways Qi Gong Can Heal

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Are you longing to create a healthier body? Do you want to feel more energetic and alive while experiencing more calm and peace? We are all searching for these things, right? In today’s endlessly busy and complex world it’s easy to let our health fall between the cracks, overlooking our own precious needs. If you are ready to claim a healthy and vibrant life, and get joy back in the process, Wisdom Healing Qi Gong may just be your answer.

Wisdom Healing Qi Gong Retreats offer a new paradigm in healing. In addition to rest and reflection, these retreats offer tools that unlock the secrets to a healthy body, mind, and heart. You can try this free meditation from Master Gu that will help you achieve a better night's sleep or here for Deeper Sleep Meditation.

The ancient art and new science of Wisdom Healing Qi Gong remarkably address the source of all underlying causes of disease. While western medicine treats symptoms; qi gong focuses on the point of origin where healing lies. These retreats open and support this groundbreaking doorway into better health under the guidance of internationally recognized teacher Master Mingtong Gu.

Qi gong originated in China 5,000 years ago and is still one of the most powerful elixirs for optimum health on the planet today. Master Gu brought Wisdom Healing Qi Gong to the West, synthesizing this qi gong healing system founded by Dr. Ming Pang into a framework for modern-day living. Through the practices of gentle movement, sound, visualization, and meditation, the cornerstones of Wisdom Healing Qi Gong, life energy, and inner wisdom are restored.

Designing these retreats to help us learn and heal in the deepest of ways, Master Gu says, “Our bodies are resilient and can heal from many experiences. Through qi gong, we listen to the language of our body, mind, and heart as we open to the flow of chi. This is where healing and happiness begin.”

Three essential elements form the bedrock of Master Gu’s Wisdom Healing Qi Gong retreats; to embody these teachings is to truly digest the gifts of this ancient lineage.

1) The Power of Me… Coming Home to the Body

The profound journey of coming home to the body begins with discovering the feelings and experiences living in the body, mind, and heart. On retreat, participants are guided by Master Gu to make friends with the emotions and symptoms of dis-ease living in their body. Through the daily practice of qigong, energy blockages from stress, illness, and aging are released, inviting a flow of healing chi back into the body. Meeting our challenges with greater awareness and acceptance, we come home to our bodies with a renewed sense of joy and vitality.

2) The Power of Chi… Healing with Life Energy

Chi is the foundation that animates all life. Wisdom Healing Qi Gong cultivates the chi that flows within and around us; when we practice qigong we are connecting with this life energy (chi), bringing it into the physical and emotional body for healing. To deeply heal from challenges of ill-health takes more than the five senses, and is well beyond the limiting aspects of dis-ease as defined in western medicine. A dedicated qi gong practice focuses chi into the body, heart, and mind, awakening new neural and energetic pathways that can create robust health.

3) The Power of We… Healing in Community

Practicing with others is an essential part of a Wisdom Healing Qi Gong retreat. It may be a new concept in the West, but in China, qi gong has been practiced in communities for centuries. The reason is that the healing energy of chi is amplified when a group practices with shared intention. When people return home they share their new sense of vitality and abundance with family, friends, and community, and in doing so bring more compassion and healing into the world.

Standing side by side in every retreat are people from around the world, some to improve how they age, others facing illnesses such as Parkinson's Disease, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Lyme's Disease, or depression. They all share the intention to heal and soon discover that the power of Me and the power of Chi are boosted when combined with the power of We.

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