Toolbox: Sweeten Your Practice

Toolbox: Sweeten Your Practice

Awaken your senses with these fine indulgences.

12 Tool Yolohacork

Keep your chosen quote or mantra in your line of sight and top of mind with a Personalized Cork Yoga Set reminding you of your intention. ($198)

08 Tool Slippers

Step lightly into the world with cozy toes and a mindful glow in Zhenzee knitted footwear. ($65)

10 Tool Wrap1

Envelop yourself in the Hand Woven Wool Prayer Shawl and let your thoughts float away as you kindle your inner flame of awareness. ($89)

07 Tool Singingbowl

The ethereal sound of this hand-hammered Singing Bowl will sweetly unlock places deep in your soul. ($1,700)

04 Tool Journal

Record each step of your journey in the Lama-li Notebook, handmade from a sustainable source in the mountains of Nepal. ($39.95)

05 Tool Labyrinth1

The smooth surface and sturdy feel of the wooden Circuit Chartres Cathedral Finger Labyrinth offers substantial space to ground your prayer or meditation. ($150)

09 Tool Sproutpencil

Play with your creative spirit and then hone your green thumb by planting your Sprout Colored Pencil. ($25)

03 Tool Books

Lose your critic and drift into a place of peaceful contentment and luminous light with these Coloring Books for the Soul. ($9.99)

11 Tool Wrap2

The lightweight yet sumptuous Journey Shawl can be worn in 12 different ways to suit your mood after every practice. ($109)

02 Tool Beecandle

Bring loving light into your space with the Bee-Love Pillar candle, made of clean-burning beeswax. ($12.50)

01 Tool Beads

Be present with the Happy Buddha Balance Chakra Mala, which gives you 108 crystals to cherish as you repeat your mantra. ($195)

06 Tool Organicinfusion

Enliven parts of your being that have gone dormant with Exotic Roll-Ons. ($59.95)

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