3 Traditional Chinese Medicine Recommended Superfoods

3 Traditional Chinese Medicine Recommended Superfoods

Learn more about these under-the-radar Eastern superfoods.


There are certain wonder foods that go way under the radar, especially when it comes to the West. Many highly revered superfoods from different cultures around the world go completely unnoticed for no good reason.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) advises to incorporate these powerhouse foods into our diet for overall wellness

Umeboshi Plum

Who ever heard of an umeboshi plum? I sure hadn’t, until my acupuncturist recommended them to me. This tiny pickled “Japanese salt plum” is very sour and salty, and typically eaten in Japan as a side dish or condiment. The umeboshi plum comes from the Japanese ume tree and has been used extensively in the East for its many health-promoting properties. In studies, it’s shown to prevent and treat ulcers caused by H. pylori and gastrointestinal inflammation. It also boosts heart health by preventing hardening of the arteries and reducing the likelihood of heart disease.

Black Sesame Seeds

They’re tiny, unassuming and look like a garnish you could go without. But these little black seeds are so incredibly nutritious and loaded with essential vitamins and minerals such as vitamin B1 (thiamin), calcium, copper, magnesium and dietary fiber, along with many other trace minerals. They support cardiovascular health, reduce inflammation, protect against colon cancer, support respiratory health and prevent osteoporosis.


Roots are the powerhouse of the plant, drawing energy and nutrients from the precious soil. Kudzu or “kuzu” is a traditional Eastern healing root. Often roots such as ginseng and burdock are hailed for their various health benefits, but they all cower in the face of kudzu for its ability to calm the nerves and the digestive system. Its impressive flavonoid composition is also renowned even now in the medical community. It’s used to treat symptoms such as indigestion, the common cold, constipation, and even to calm hyperactive children and minds. Furthermore, it helps to reduce high blood pressure, regulate blood sugar, relieve migraines and relax tense muscles.

What are your favorite TCM superfoods? Let us know in the comments below.

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