8 Stories for Creating a Sacred Space

8 Stories for Creating a Sacred Space

Create your very own sacred space with feng shui and more with these 8 inspirational stories.


Our home is an extension of your body. It’s an outer reflection of you. What does your home or sacred space say? What makes a space more sacred?

From incorporating feng shui in your home to establishing meaningful rituals, these stories will give you some serious inspiration and vision to play with space, and see how it can enliven your day to day.

Sacred Space at Home The relationship between spirituality and architecture is evident. Explore creating an “inner sanctum” where you can connect with your partner from this excerpt from Sacred Space at Home: Architecture with Soul, by Anne Knorr. Explore creating an altar and journey into what certain symbols mean to you.

What Makes an Ordinary Place a Sacred Space? With one in five Americans now unaffiliated with organized religion, a new generation is on a journey to create—or discover—the next great sacred space.

VIDEO: Feng Shui Your Life Looking to create more love, wealth or clarity in your life? Then watch this episode of Conscious Living®, where Feng Shui practitioner and organizational expert Linda Pisani draws on this 5,000+ year art form to share simple, easy tips for clearing clutter, increasing "chi" or energy flow in your environment, and transforming any space into an abundant haven.

Quality Space Space is not just a physical phenomenon, it is an atmosphere that includes nonjudgmental attention, mutual respect, and appreciation. Could a sacred space simply be an intention and desire to make your environment more loving?

The Five Elements Quiz What’s your element in Tradition Chinese Medicine? This quiz is a particularly good indicator of your current dominant element. It will also give you a breakdown of how you rank among all the elements, not just your dominant element(s).

Rabbi Rami: How Do I Make My Space More Holy? Check out this fascinating Q&A with Rabbi Rami on how to make a space more holy.

Design Therapy Does your décor reveal your secret anxieties? Never fear—holistic design expert Laura Benko is here. Understand the hidden meaning behind the design elements you choose and how changing them can also change your life for the better.

Ritual: When Organizing Becomes an Act of Beauty What a blessing it would be to find joy and beauty in the simple act of organizing and cleaning up. Wouldn’t life just be that much better? Master of ceremony, Lois Heckman shares her insight on how to fall in love with cleanliness.

Do you have a special way you make your space more sacred? We’d love to hear in the comments below.

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