10 Stories to Nurture your Most Important Relationships

10 Stories to Nurture your Most Important Relationships

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During our last 10-day challenge, we explored the topic of nurturing our relationships. From self-love, to romantic relationships and from family to community – it’s so very important to constantly expand the way we interact with and love ourselves to each and every member of our human family.

Learn how to break free from your own mental bondage, explore your inner dialogue around your most important relationships and get simple, yet profound tips on how to improve your life through a loving connection with yourself and others.

  1. Looking Closely at Your Life This excerpt from The True Source of Healing by Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche encourages us to look closely at areas of our life and explains how you can gain strength, wisdom and a more open heart by connecting to the elements in nature.
  2. Free to Change Explore your inner verbiage and how that may be holding you in energetic shackles. Learn to set yourself, and others, free from limiting thoughts, self-fulfilling prophecies, and hurtful actions.
  3. How To Have A More Healthy Relationship In the arena of love, there are three major neural systems that affect the health of any relationship. Learn how these modes operate to either strengthen or weaken your bond.
  4. The Goddess of Vulnerability: Bherunda Nitya Look to The Goddess Bherunda Nitya for the power of vulnerability in relationships.
  5. Understanding Karmic Relationships Find out the 4 patterns to know if you are in a karmic relationship. And if so, how to heal and nurture it.
  6. The Disappointed and the Disappointment Though tough to accept, disappointment is not about our partner. It is an internal feeling from holding on to a certain viewpoint. Learning to identify our feeling states—and take responsibility for them—increases our chances of getting heard by our partners.
  7. Quiz: How Good a Listener Are You? The number one issue in relationships is typically communication problems. Take this in-depth quiz to see how you score in the listening arena.
  8. The Merging Effect Understand the “merging effect” and how kindness and acceptance can have a powerful effect on outcome.
  9. How Can I Love You When You Don't Love Yourself? Dealing with someone who is struggling with self-love can be a big challenge. Here are some simple and practical ways to encourage love of self, (yet without becoming that person’s therapist).
  10. How to Nurture Your Most Important Relationship Your most important relationship is indeed with yourself. Read on to find out how to nurture yourself through mindfulness.

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