Your Assignment: Share Your Miracle Cure

Your Assignment: Share Your Miracle Cure

Illustration Credit: Girls and Plants by Mali Fischer

You have a PhD in your own body and have found something new that really works for you—maybe for others too!

Miracle cures are complicated. The ancient Greeks, Armenians, and others fought disease and infection with fermented milk kefir (probiotics) and moldy bread (antibiotics). Thousands of years later, Alexander Fleming isolated the marvel of mold with the miracle drug penicillin—and saved millions of lives. But ubiquitous and powerful antibiotics can overwhelm our own intestinal flora, which may lead to widespread autoimmune diseases.

As we said, it’s complicated. But we’re fishing for new or surprising products that really have made a big difference in your life and health.

If you’ve got a success story, send it to [email protected]. We’re all different, so be specific. We’re hoping you have a good idea about what went right, and why.

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