How to Become a Stalker of Your Own Mind

If we are relentless and impeccable about stalking ourselves, a result is that we leave the world and other people alone.

Illustration Credit: Crow-Boy by Anna Magruder

There is a very old tradition taught by indigenous elders from the Americas that trains us to use the voice of the mind to be free of the voice. The term these elders use for this process is called “stalking.” It is understood that the word stalking has some negative connotations in our society. However, stalking is an honored part of this Medicine Way. These societies were hunter-gatherers: Just as they stalked animals for their energy, we have been taught to stalk the voice in the mind for its energy.In stalking, we use three areas to assist us in finding energy. The first area is our thoughts: judgmental and critical, future or past, and self-pitying. The second place we look for energy is emotion: Am I having an emotional reaction to this person or event? The third area of awareness is physical: If I am unaware of my thinking or emotional responses I can almost always become aware of physical tension or upset in the body.Stalking is proactive in that I begin to look for judgmental/critical thoughts and when and where they occur. For example, if someone cuts me off in traffic, I can be aware of how q …

Hal Robinson, MRC, is a counselor at Dancing Bear Teaching Lodge in Kerrville, Texas, and an ordained minister in the Circle of the Sacred Earth Church.

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