Toolbox: Inner Alignment

Toolbox: Inner Alignment

vLet these picks from S&H be conduits for creating internal energetic structuring.

01 5Agreements

A tool of self-discovery, The Five Agreements Game is a fun way to play with the teachings of don Miguel Ruiz ($29.95)

02 Roundbellymug

Curl your fingers around the Round Belly mug and settle into a deeper place of calm. ($20)

03 Relief 0

Relief combines botanicals with positive affirmations; a sure way to love your skin, and in doing so, love yourself. ($42)

04 Pendant

Said to radiate a frequency of gold, the Golden Hue Pendulum can help you see an outer reflection of your internal reality. ($90)

05 Drum

Designed with deep intention and created with prayer, the Native American Drum will help you find inner rhythm. ($125)

06 Eyecushion

Infused with lavender, Kula Cushion Eyepillow will relieve you of visual stimuli, and offer sweet, sensory relief. ($25)

07 Necklace

As a symbol, the Creative Trio Necklace offers a beautiful reminder to express what is living inside you. ($55)

08 Chakrastones

The Chakra Stone Set offers the means to keep your chakra flow flowing. ($12)

09 Bowl 0

Lose yourself in the mesmerizing Aqueous bowl, and allow the intense colors to soothe your soul. ($450)

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