Toolbox: Balancing Act

Toolbox: Balancing Act

Ancient Ayurvedic wisdom informs our picks for finding inner equilibrium.

1 Herbal Zap New

Support your immune system by activating your digestive system with the abundance of herbs in Herbal Zap. ($10)

2 Auromere Soaps

These handmade Ayurvedic Soaps combine distinctive scents with herbs and oils for potent cleansing. ($2.95)

3 Royal Glow

Bring your inner luster to the surface with the delicately scented, silky Royal Glow Facial Moisturizer, brimming with Ayurvedic powerhouse herbs. ($40)

4 Ayurvedic Wellness

Ayurvedic Wellness: The Art and Science of Vibrant Health is a thorough primer on how to use Ayurvedic-based lifestyle routines to create balance, with specific practices that address mind, body, and spirit. ($69.95)

5 Rose Water New

Delightfully light and floral, use organic rose water on your skin or in your cooking to balance your heart, mind, and emotions. ($8.95 for 4 oz)

6 Soyveda Candle

Bask in the warmth of the floral, spicy scents of the Topaz Soyveda Candle, designed to balance vata. ($30)

7 Pratima Oils

Pratima Oils are specially formulated to balance your dosha, and are perfect for the nurturing Ayurvedic ritual of self-massage. ($26)

8 Ashwaganda New2

Drink in the restorative and vitalizing benefits of ashwagandha, an ayurvedic herb that is believed to help our bodies adapt to stress. ($13/oz)

9 Chyavanprashis New

A daily spoonful of Chyavanprash is a centuries-old ritual said to vitalize and nourish the body. ($19.95)

11 Neti Pod New

Though initially awkward, use of a Neti Pot with Neti Salt can ease sinus and nasal congestion. ($16.95 and $5.95)

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