Toolbox: Home Grown

Toolbox: Home Grown

Unleash your inner homesteader with these DIY projects for a healthy kitchen.

1 Tool Aquafarm

Make friends with a fish while growing your own greens with an AquaFarm. ($59.99)

2 Tool Sproutingkit3

Fun and easy to use, a sprouting kit helps increase the digestive enzymes in seeds and legumes. ($39.93)

3 Tool Kombucha

Kombucha offers up an addictive, tangy fizz with a healthy dose of probiotics. Mix up a batch with a Home Brew Starter Kit. ($54)

4 Tool Shiitake

Have fun with fungus by cultivating your own Shiitake Mushroom Patch ($26)

5 Tool Kefir

The kefir starter kit helps you make a probiotic drink from whatever type of milk you want to use. ($26.95)

6 Tool Nutribullet

A compact way to start a green smoothie habit, the Nutribullet has the power to break down greens and berries alike. ($120)

7 Tool Growbottles

Keep herbs at the ready with Grow Bottles, a fun and fresh use of recycled wine bottles. ($36)

8 Tool Wheatgrass

Get your fix of fresh chlorophyll with an Organic Wheat Grass Growing Kit. ($39.95)

9 Tool Nutmilk

Strain blended almonds, cashews, hazelnuts, and more using the More Than a Nut Milk Bag, and enjoy the smooth, creamy results. ($10)

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