5 Favorites: Enrich Serenity through Sound

5 Favorites: Enrich Serenity through Sound

Shv5 Hosorion Nebula 0

Perfect listening for most anywhere, from the office to the bedroom, Hearts of Space is “slow music for fast times” with its unique niche of ambient, world, new age, classical, and experimental music. If you can’t find the program on your local public radio station, listen online at or download the app to your smartphone.

Shv5 Healingflowers2

Healing Flower Symphonies

You know the healing attributes of Bach flower essences. This recording claims to capture the essences of flowers to impart their healing properties via sound. Certainly the beauty of the music will take you places.

Shv5 Inner Peace Music 8084

Steven Halpern of Inner Peace Music pioneered sound healing for deep relaxation and inner peace. His newest album is Deep Theta 2.0. The serene “brainwave entrainment” music features traditional Asian acoustic meditation instruments, including a bamboo flute, Halpern’s Rhodes electric piano, and other keyboards.

Shv5 Relaxation Wellness

A Meditation for Relaxation & Wellness by Belleruth Naparstek gently leads you to peace, balance, and optimism in this blissful audio program. The guided imagery track leaves you feeling supported and loved. A second track offers affirmations designed to be accepted by even the most rebellious mind. This recording is useful for any stressful situation, to help with general anxiety, and to heighten feelings of love and safety.

Shv5 Graceful Passages

The Music of Graceful Passages will soothe your heart and help you navigate significant transitions. Special Hemi-Sync frequencies imperceptibly woven into the rich, delightful compositions produce binaural beating to carry you to a profound state of relaxation.

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