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Curing Insomnia Without Drugs

Can’t sleep? The bad news is that, according to new studies, insomnia increases our mortality risk threefold. The good news is that other new studies suggest enticing non-drug cures. A National Institutes of Health-supported study found that literally cooling the brain’s frontal cortex ― lowering its metabolism by inducing “cerebral hypothermia” with a soft, water-filled plastic “cooling cap” ― helps insomniacs drift off nearly as quickly, then sleep as long, as non-insomniacs. A Japanese study affirms the power of high-amplitude “delta” brainwaves ― which can be induced via peptides (amino-acid bonds used in drugs) and brain-entrainment audio sessions ― to deepen sleep. And a tasty new British study proclaims a sleep-boosting superfruit: tart cherries, packed with the “sleep hormone,” melatonin. Cherries are cheery, but Dr. Rubin Naiman ― author of The Yoga of Sleep ― says nature’s richest melatonin source is purslane, the sour, plump weed that was Gandhi’s favorite food. “We become melatonin-suppressed as we age and through excessive exposure to bright light,” says Naiman, sleep specialist at A …

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S. Rufus is the author — under the byline Anneli Rufus — of several books including Unworthy: How...

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