9 Card Decks for Healing, Divination, and Affirmation

There are days when you need inspiration, times when you are yearning for affirmation, and moments when what you seek is divination. The decks below offer all three. AFFIRMATIONS FOR THE EVERYDAY GODDESSSpiritual Guidebook and 22 Wisdom Cards for Contemplation and Prayer by Pamela WellsARTMAGIC PUBLISHINGBased on the major arcana of the tarot. An accompanying guidebook offers tools to fully explore each card’s wisdom. HEALING CARDSA Daily Practice for Maintaining Spiritual Balanceby Caroline Myss and Peter OcchiogrossoHAY HOUSESupport a daily practice of healing and spiritual connection with this 50-card deck and booklet. MIRACLE CARDSby Marianne WilliamsonHAY HOUSEFifty cards offer reflections on everyday miracles that we may overlook. THE HEALING DECK36 Affirmations for Mental, Physical, and Spiritual Wellness by Amy Zerner and Monte FarberCHRONICLE BOOKSBring a connection to habits of mind, body, and spirit that support your well-being. THE POWER OF NOW50 Inspiration Cards by Eckhart TolleNEW WORLD LIBRARYTools and insights that help you become more fully engaged with the present moment.EARTH MAGIC O …

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