Create a Garden of the Senses

Sensory gardens look, smell, feel, taste, and sound beautiful. They are designed to be therapeutic for those with special needs.Yet the greatest healing of these magical places comes to those who lovingly create them.By the time Ethan Boyers turned two years old in 2004, he had already undergone more medical interventions than some octogenarians will ever know. Suffering from severe and frequent seizures, his tiny body had been put through endoscopies, bronchoscopies, MRIRIs, genetic testing, metabolic testing, placement of a gastric feeding tube, and a medically induced coma. He had been started on a ketogenic diet and a combination of phenobarbital and Depakote. His team of doctors—pediatricians, neurologists, gastroenterologists, nephrologists, urologists, pulmonologists, critical care specialists, and geneticists—was stumped, and nurses, home aides, and physical and occupational therapists were brought in for 80 hours each week. Open to non-Western medical options, his parents took Ethan to an acupuncturist, looked into cranial sacral therapy, and consulted long-distance with a shaman.But no one cou …

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