Aftereffects from Near-Death Experiences

Aftereffects from Near-Death Experiences

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Many find their whole world view significantly altered after an NDE. What seemed important before is looked at with new eyes.

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It is no surprise that having a near-death experience (NDE) can really change a person! These aftereffects can be quite dramatic and transformative in regards to body, mind, and spirit.

A near-death experience often results in strong, life-altering feelings of leaving the earthly reality and entering into a deep connection with all that is; experiencing unconditional love, and feeling understood and accepted with a stunning depth never felt before. Less likely, but still sometimes reported is the experience of a distressing NDE which can leave one feeling confused or anxious.

Many find their whole world view significantly altered after an NDE. What seemed important before is looked at with new eyes. Life choices are reexamined. Longtime beliefs and values may be altered. Having an NDE doesn’t instantly make someone enlightened, and there may be unrealistic expectations put upon a person who reveals they had an NDE. Each experience is unique and each person is affected in their own way.

The physical body may be changed by the situation that caused the near-death experience and the experiencer may need to adjust to their new condition. Some have unexpected symptoms or biological changes, including new sensitivities.

The psychological impact of a near-death experience often leads to a more positive outlook and increased empathy. Many experiencers feel a renewed sense of purpose in life and a desire to “give back.” There may be a shift in priorities and perspectives on life, which may cause them to reevaluate their relationships, career, and how they spend their time.

Some people, though, find the adjustment of having to return to their body to be a disappointment. They may feel anxiety or depression, and even contemplate suicide. Other difficulties can arise if the experiencer doesn’t understand what happened to them, or they don’t feel supported by their family or peers. They may end up questioning their sanity. This can be an issue for soldiers who are concerned about reporting their NDE for fear of being labeled as having a mental illness. The International Association for Near-Death Studies (IANDS) provides supportive information for combat veterans who have had an NDE here.

An amazing phenomenon is that most experiencers return with an expansive and positive view of “the bigger picture” and no longer fear death. Experiencing connection with spiritual beings, orbs of light, angels, guides, or deceased loved ones often expands a near-death experiencer’s spiritual views and beliefs.

Changes in the Body After an NDE

Possible physiological changes include:

  • Increased sensitivity to light, sound, or touch

  • Experiencing energy surges up and down the body

  • One’s body affecting electrical equipment and technological devices

  • Spontaneous healing of an illness or disease

Changes in the Mind After an NDE

Possible psychological changes include:

  • Finding a new sense of purpose or mission

  • Re-evaluating marriage or relationship status

  • Discovering new social groups

  • Developing an interest in new recreational activities and hobbies

  • Exploring a different career path

Changes in the Spirit After an NDE

Possible spiritual changes include:

  • Having no fear of death

  • New belief in life after death

  • Developing a deeper religious faith or heightened spirituality

  • Finding increased compassion and love for others

  • Having less concern for material gain, recognition, or status

  • Feeling a greater appreciation for nature

Changes in the Whole Person After an NDE

Possible new abilities attributed to NDEs include:

  • Realizing increased psychic awareness

  • Developing healing abilities

  • Connecting to spirits on the other side (mediumship)

With all the transformations a near-death experiencer may contend with, having support and understanding is critical. Simply knowing they are far from being alone can be very comforting.

The International Association for Near-Death Studies (IANDS) offers many helpful resources. These include local support groups, an annual in-person conference, weekly live talks and workshops, online symposiums, scientific research, and much more.

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