Product Review: Sustainable Feminine Products from GladRags

Product Review: Sustainable Feminine Products from GladRags


Take your power back and eliminate waste during your menstrual cycle with a menstrual cup and cloth pantyliners from today’s leader in reusable feminine products.

It’s easy to feel isolated and alone in our fast-paced lives - especially as women. We are, however, connected by our flow. As much as we may feel burdened by the inconvenience of it, it is a powerful rhythm of our bodies that can be tapped into. In ancient times, a woman was considered more closely connected to her power when she was menstruating.

My personal experience, as most women’s, has changed over the years. From painful cramping as a young woman, to raging emotions as I got older. How I’ve managed my flow has changed as well. About 3 years ago, it became uncomfortable for me to use tampons. I switched to using a menstrual cup after learning about it from a friend. Once I got used to it, my relationship to my flow completely changed. The XO Flo menstrual cup from GladRags has been the next evolution of this experience. Extremely comfortable and easy to insert, what differentiates it for me is the pearls on the stem that allow for an easy and comfortable removal of the cup.

GladRags also makes washable cloth pads and pantyliners which can make such a big difference in the amount of waste we produce. They come in a variety of sizes, and what I love about them, (aside from the fact that I’m not throwing away a pad a few times a day), is that they have inserts you can add, based on how heavy your flow is that day - or night.

Taking my power back into my own hands by eliminating waste during my period has been a welcome step on my menstrual path.

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