A Blanketing Ritual for the Full Snow Moon


A Blanketing Ritual for the Full Snow Moon

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Explore the magical potential of the Snow Moon. Its safety and shelter can assist in letting go.

In February we greet the full Snow Moon. It’s a name that comes from various sources, including the Naudowessie band of the Dakota tribe. Because February has typically been the month with the heaviest snowfall of the year, it became the month of the Snow Moon.

The Snow Moon is also the first full moon after the Imbolc new moon, the early February midpoint between the winter solstice and the spring equinox. It’s a moment when the light begins to shift towards spring, even as we are certainly still blanketed in snow and cold, at least in many places in the Northern Hemisphere.

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This is a good time to be in that place of knowing that change is coming—the spring will arrive, eventually, but we’re not quite seeing it yet. It’s a good time to make our plans, to dream about what we want, and let go of any lingering resentments from the winter season in order to prepare for the coming of the new.

Blanketing and Letting Go

Full moons are a good time to let go. To think about the patterns, habits, and stories in our lives that we are holding onto and whether or not they are serving us. A lot of the time, we hold onto these things because they help us feel safer. When we feel safer, it is a little easier to let go. We can allow the snow (or the idea of snow, if it doesn’t happen to be snowy where you are) to blanket us, to allow ourselves to be warm and cozy inside, exploring the magical potential of safety and shelter to help us with the full moon process of letting go.

Ritual for the Full Snow Moon

Please gather:

  • A blanket
  • A candle or, if possible, a fireplace
  • A journal or something to write on
  • A small cup of snow, ice, or water

Wrap yourself in a blanket by the fire and/or light your candle. You could also add a hot water bottle or anything else that helps you feel safe and comforted. Get cozy and comfortable and close your eyes.

Draw a circle of protection around you in your imagination. It could be a circle of salt, stones, or chalk (if you prefer, feel free to do this literally). Take a moment to honor and acknowledge the land you are on and your relationship with that land. Call in any additional forces that are helpful for you, such as spirit guides, ancestors, the directions, and/or the elements.

Now begin to contemplate the concept of safety. The question to contemplate here is: “If I were truly safe, what could I let go?” Consider whether or not you do feel safe in your life. What might you need to feel safer? If you did let go of some of these things that help you feel safer, what would allow you to still feel protected? Write down any insights that arise for you here.

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Blanketed in snow, we are covered, protected, and also frozen in time. But the snow is also water—when it melts, there will be nourishment for the thirsty earth and it will contribute to the coming to life of the spring. Allow the ways that you have felt yourself to be frozen in time to move from the inside of your body to the outside. Think of moving these old habits and patterns from inside your body outward, to the snow outside. Let these old habits and patterns melt with the rest of the snow, allowing them to become nourishment for the positive change you do want in your life.

Hold the cup of snow or ice before you and speak into it the habits and patterns you would like to let go of. Speak them out of your body, into the cup. Thank them for serving you, but allow them to leave your body and be contained in the cup. Gently bow to it. Blow out your candle if you are using one and thank the land and other elements that helped you in your ritual. Then sprinkle the snow, ice, or water outside, ideally with some snow on the ground (if there isn’t any, just on the ground is fine) in a place that feels right for you. Trust that you are releasing these old things from your body and offering them back into the earth to melt and grow in their own way.

Happy full Snow Moon!

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