Care Tips: the Eyebrows

Care Tips: the Eyebrows


Your eyebrows are a major source of emotional expression. Even if they are masked, we can often tell what a person is feeling based on eyes and eyebrows alone. What are your eyebrows doing right now?

1. Castor Oil for Growth

Castor oil is one of the best natural oils to use to promote eyebrow growth (and other hair growth as well) because it is so rich in ricinoleic acid. Simply apply a small amount to the eyebrows with a clean mascara wand or cotton tip, taking care that no oil gets into your eyes. You could do this before bed if you like, but you may wish to put a towel over your pillowcase.

2. Using an Eye Pillow

Yoga eye pillows are actually meant to rest over your eyebrows—not your eyes themselves. Try resting in Savasana or your favorite relaxation pose. Place the pillow over your brow and gently draw the weight down towards your eyes so that you are blocking out some light. Breathe deeply and rest here for 5 to 20 minutes, enjoying the sense of relaxation coming over you.

3. Easy Relaxation Tip

Our eyebrows have a relationship with our nervous system. When the eyebrows are lifted, we are a little more activated in the sympathetic nervous system. When the eyebrows drift down, we tend to be in a calmer, more relaxed state. A quick way to help yourself relax, especially as you are trying to go to sleep at night, is to relax the eyebrows, imagining them drifting apart, with the space around your eyes softening and releasing. Try this: Place a palm over your forehead and gently slide the skin upwards. What do you notice about your mood? Your energy? You may notice you’re a little more awake and attentive. Now gently slide the forehead skin down toward your eyes. You may notice you feel a little calmer, more relaxed, even sleepier.

4. Activate the Third Eye

The third eye chakra, also known as ajna chakra, is located between the eyebrows in the center of the head. This is the chakra related to intuition, intelligence, thought, and seeing clearly. Activate this space in meditation by focusing your attention on it. Imagine a clear-seeing eye looking out from the center of your forehead. What do you see with your inner eye?

5 Care Tips the Eyebrows

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