14 Affirmations for Navigating Menopause

14 Affirmations for Navigating Menopause

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The transitions of menopause are challenging. Affirmations for menopause can help with the feelings that arise.

Women often feel blindsided by the many shifts that come with menopause. Although our whole lives involve transitions, during the middle of life, menopause—the lead-up, the onset, the midst, and the aftermath—can feel especially unwelcome.

Changes in sleep, libido, and appearance are just a few of the disruptions menopausal women experience. One thread is common for many, however: the more you know, the better prepared you can be. Luckily, reliable and accurate resources are becoming more readily available.

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The following affirmations are another tool for your toolbox. Spoken aloud and first thing in the morning, take time to connect with the feelings that arise.

Affirmations for Menopause

  • I embrace each day and what shows up in this time of transition.
  • As I face the unknown aspects in front of me, I let go of any aspects that are holding me back.
  • The need for control will keep me feeling stuck.
  • I am willing to soften and open myself to the possibilities ahead.
  • I am beautiful through and through; I choose to love myself.
  • I reach out and know I have all the resources I need.
  • I welcome the importance of the role that I am transitioning into.
  • I embody this body, even as it continues to change.
  • I am willing to discover parts of myself that I may have overlooked.
  • I create time and space to embrace what I want and need.
  • I am always enough.
  • As I prepare for a restful night sleep, I feel grateful for…
  • I welcome the wisdom of the women before me.
  • I love and honor myself.

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