Unclutter Your Mind With Journaling Power

Unclutter Your Mind With Journaling Power


Cluttered minds create cluttered lives.

Have you ever noticed how much harder life feels when your mind is weighed down with negative thoughts? Mind clutter can make it difficult to see things as they are, and even more difficult to find your way through life’s challenging moments. But clutter can also take a toll on your health. Swirling negative thoughts lead to increased levels of stress and anxiety. And that can result in unhealthy coping behaviors that can further damage your health.

Tips to Unclutter Your Mind With Journaling

Accept What Is

Acceptance is the process of acknowledging your reality in this moment. While your reality will certainly evolve and change over time, accepting what is—right here and now—can change everything. Similarly, your journal can help you identify what’s within your control and what’s beyond your control. Accepting what is can help you refocus your efforts.

Create a Decluttering Routine

Establishing a daily journaling routine can help you manage your mind clutter on an ongoing basis. Choose a day, time, and location to allow your thoughts to flow onto the pages of your journal. Some people describe this process as a “brain dump,” where you literally purge your thoughts out of your head and into your journal.

Release What No Longer Serves You

When you’re out of alignment with your values, goals, and beliefs, life can feel like a struggle. Releasing the expectations and goals that no longer serve you can free up space for what’s truly meant for you. Your journal is a great place to let go of thoughts that are not helpful. Within the pages of your journal, make a list of the things, people, and commitments you’re ready to let go of.

Reframe Your Experiences

Life is full of a wide range of experiences—granted, some more positive than others. But reframing your negative experiences can do a lot to life your spirits. Consider the lessons you’ve learned through your heaviest moments and reframe how you remember and relive them in your mind. Use your journal to reframe and rearrange your life story.

Journaling Power Prompts to Unclutter Your Mind

Journal prompts that focus on releasing what no longer serves you can help you unclutter your mind. Try these prompts during your next journaling power session.

  • What’s been weighing on my mind is ...
  • The thing that frustrates me the most is ...
  • What I’d really love to let go of is ...
  • What is no longer supporting me is ...
  • Another way that I can see this situation is ...
  • If I could change one thing it would be ...

Uncluttering your mind is about releasing what no longer serves you and creating space for what does. Journaling Power can help you not only identify the sources of clutter in your life, but it can also help you map out a plan to release it.

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