Toolbox: Bee the Change

Toolbox: Bee the Change

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Welcome bees to your outdoor space and you’ll create beauty in your life and neighborhood. Why? Because bees bring flowers, and flowers bring insects and birds, which restores our natural spaces. Even small gardens lift spirits; they show others that they are more than their troubles or worries. Establishing a supportive habitat for bees provides a sustainable and balanced environment for all our buzzworthy friends.

1 3 Pollinator House

Home Sweet Home

Bees need a place to rest and shelter. Adding a pollinator house increases their chances of survival. This deluxe home will attract several varieties of mason, leafcutter, and solitary bees, as well as solitary wasps. A natural way to improve the condition of your garden. Includes an easy-to-mount hanger. A great activity for kids as well! $20–30

6 Garden Journal

Seasonal Inspiration

Create a year-long garden practice with the Sacred Actions Journal. Commune with the natural world through the ritual of planting, growing, observing, and harvesting. Filled with activities to create blessings and make offerings to support a daily transformative practice. $17

8 Pollinator Tea

Bee Fusion

Support bees and raise awareness with a sustainable cup of Pollinator Tea. Organically grown with herbs loved by bees and other pollinators that can be found in the Cascadia bioregion. Caffeine-free, with a sweet, honey-like taste and uplifting minty balance. $7

7 Gardening Gift Basket

Happy Gardener

Cultivate the soil and soul with a Bee Happy Gardening Gift Basket. Each tote bag contains two gardening tools, gloves, kneeling pad, skin care kit, and an assortment of treats for the green gardener in your life. $99

4 Honey Bee Plantable Card

Wildflowers Galore

Greeting cards with an added benefit. Each is handcrafted and embedded with wildflower seeds that can be planted in any garden. Includes Bird’s Eye, Clarkia, Black-Eyed Susan, Sweet Alyssum, Catchfly, and Snapdragon, creating a colorful display of flowers to attract both bee and insect alike. Includes a recycled kraft envelope. $6

5 2 Bee Garden Prayer Flag

Garden Blessings

Hang this Bee Garden Prayer Flag to add a touch of peace and tranquility. Thought to also inspire luck, each of the nine flags bears a different bee-related theme and is perfect for the garden enthusiast. Custom made in Nepal. Hangs approx. 7-feet wide. $30

3 Wild Bee Handbook

The Art of Rewilding

Learn sustainable gardening with the illustrated Wild Bee Handbook. Whether rewilding a meadow or adding container gardens to a porch, you’ll learn practical tips to develop a richer biodiversity for bees to thrive in year-round. $25

2 1 Bee Ball

Bee Bevvy

Pollinators need accessible drinking water. Adding a Bee Drinking Garden Ball with a textured surface will allow bees to thrive and prevent them from drowning. Made of colorful glass, it is both decorative and useful. Handmade in Ontario, Canada. $55

Toolbox Bee the Change

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