Embracing the Unknown: the Feminine Aspect of Manifesting

Embracing the Unknown: the Feminine Aspect of Manifesting

Interview with Sara Daves, Author of Manifest Like a Goddess


Explore what it means to manifest like a goddess in this empowering interview.

Q: What inspired you to write Manifest Like a Goddess?

A: The inspiration for the book was actually the pain I suffered over many losses. I experienced an astrological transit called Ketu, which lasts for seven years. It is considered the most spiritual astrological transit a human can experience in their lifetime. And it requires letting go of attachments so that you can come home to yourself.

During this transit, I experienced the loss of family members who crossed over, including my own son, which was debilitating. I left my lifelong career in corporate communications and the toxicity that came with it. As I hid from my own grief, I began a desperate search for a new identity.

I got married and started a business. Yet, every time I looked outside of myself for happiness and security, it felt like it was ripped away from me. My marriage failed utterly. Then my business came to a screeching halt. It was time to go within and figure out what was blocking me from creating a fulfilling life.

Eventually, I settled into the truth of a few things: many of our collective, conditioned beliefs are false; you can only go as high as you go low; death is destiny and not the end; and life is sure—we are always OK, and always protected.

Q: How do the tools you teach differ from other manifesting teachers?

A: It occurred to me when I was searching for information on manifesting: what I found did not offer me everything I needed in order to understand how to heal my own wounds and co-create with the universe.

It became clear that the missing pieces were the shadow work, which requires radical self-awareness and also the recognition of the power of the feminine essence. Both of these pieces are the fundamentals of inner Goddess work.

The path to embodying your inner Goddess and co-creating with the universe does not require you to become anything. It actually requires you to get rid of everything that you are not and to embrace your authenticity. This includes letting go of conditioned beliefs about how you “should” move through the world. When you “should” on yourself, you end up living the life someone else expects of you.

It also occurred to me that the feminine essence has been largely ignored and misunderstood on so many levels. This misunderstanding blocks our ability to allow and receive, which is a core component of co-creating with the universe. The feminine must be understood and embraced, which is why the book is focused on the Goddess.

In order to receive, we must surrender, which takes faith in ourselves and the universe at large—it is the ultimate spiritual practice. When you release resistance, you will receive the messages you need to hear that will guide you toward alignment for the highest good of all.

Surrendering represents the art of allowing, receiving, and working with what we can’t see. The feminine possesses the natural ability to work with the darkness, with what cannot be seen. In the darkness, there is seemingly nothing, yet out of the darkness came everything. And the feminine (love) serves as a mirror for the masculine (light). This innate ability of the feminine to serve as a reflection of the masculine brings light (or enlightenment) into conscious awareness.

We have the magic of the divine feminine and masculine at our fingertips. All we need to manifest is already within us.

Q: What does it mean to manifest like a Goddess?

A: Goddess energy is the omnipotent force derived from the merging of the divine masculine and feminine energies within. This is the alchemical marriage. The pure harmonic flow of these blended energies supports creation, which includes all manifestations in the material world.

When we can bring both energies together, we have the ability to manifest anything.

Collectively, the missing element has been the feminine essence.

We are now waking up to the ancient ways of the Goddess, and she is rising.

She asks you to stop ignoring your intuition and embrace your innate wisdom. She asks you to use your breath, imagination, and emotions to discover the hidden depths of your connection to everything—to step into the unknown and courageously receive.

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Sara Daves is an intuitive purpose coach and conflict resolution expert. She hosts retreats and workshops focused on the divine feminine. Her purpose is to anchor the consciousness of Oneness with every interaction, choice and energetic exchange.

Embracing the Unknown The Feminine Aspect of Manifesting

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