The Spiritual Meaning of Menstrual Problems


The Spiritual Meaning of Menstrual Problems


Discovering the spiritual meaning of your menstrual problems can complement any other treatments for endometriosis or difficult periods.

Menstrual problems like cramps and pain can run the gamut from annoying to debilitating. As the body sheds the uterine lining from the last cycle, things can feel achy and uncomfortable, you might experience mood swings, and the pain can even be so severe that it causes vomiting.

Unfortunately, medical help, especially for conditions like polycystic ovarian syndrome or endometriosis can be difficult to get. Even diagnosis can be hard to come by for conditions like these. It’s certainly worth talking to your doctor about any severe period symptoms, but it also might help to look at the possible spiritual meaning of menstrual problems.

An Opening for Release

Firstly, when women are menstruating, we’re a little bit more open, both physically and energetically speaking. The cervix widens, which can be painful, and specific hormones make our tendons a little looser, which can cause back pain.

The vagina and pelvic floor can be thought of as a gateway for regulating the energy in the body. They can bring energy in, and when we are open in this way, we are much more sensitive to taking on other people’s energy.

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This energetic gateway is also responsible for releasing energy during menstruation. This is a good thing, and it’s too bad our culture doesn’t honor the magic of this release. Having a period means we get to let go of whatever was happening over the last cycle. Sometimes that release hurts. When we lean into it, however, it can be beautiful.

During this time, a woman’s body feels different than at other times in their cycle. It is different. We live in a culture that insists that we be as productive as possible at all times, but our energies rise and fall, especially when we’re doing the important work of releasing the blood and energy of the last cycle.

Spiritual Meaning of Menstrual Problems: What to Ask Yourself

In exploring the spiritual meaning of menstrual problems, ask yourself what you really need during your period. Everyone is different, but here are some things that many menstruating bodies like:

  • Rest
  • Slowing down
  • A break from social interaction
  • Nourishing, easy to digest food like cooked stews and hot tea
  • Warmth, especially around the pelvis, such as with baths and/or hot water bottles
  • Cuddles with someone who feels safe
  • Quiet
  • Comedy
  • A break from the news and loud/violent TV shows

Most importantly, listen to your body as much as you can during this time. Your body likely already knows exactly what it needs and is trying to tell you what that is.

Ejecting Toxic Energy

For some people with very intense menstrual cycles, part of what is happening energetically is that the body is trying to eject some toxic energy that may have been sitting there for a very long time. Metaphorically, endometriosis is a wild overgrowth of energy that shouldn’t stay in the body, and menstruation is the body’s attempt to release it. Finding other ways to energetically cleanse your spirit might help complement any other treatments you are using for your endometriosis or difficult periods. Cleansing includes:

  • Rest
  • Drinking lots of water
  • Mindfully washing your hands of any energy that’s not yours
  • Meditating in a “light bath” and allowing the light to cleanse your system
  • Taking a ritual bath
  • Lighting a candle and passing your hands or other parts of your body over top of it, imagining clearing that space
  • Seeing an energy worker, herbalist, or therapist who can help you release the old energy in other ways
  • Doing a guided meditation like this one

Navigating the medical world with difficult periods can be really hard, but there are treatments that can help. Contemplating the spiritual meaning of menstrual problems and taking the time to ask what your period actually wants and needs from you can help. It might just turn out that your period is trying to help you.

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spiritual meaning of menstrual problems

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