Skin Hydration Tips for Every Season

Skin Hydration Tips for Every Season


Hydration is key to healthy, youthful-looking skin in any season but especially in the colder fall and winter months.

Alleviating dry skin and achieving well-nourished, vibrant hydrated skin is simple when using the right techniques, exfoliation, key ingredients, and staying hydrated internally. Find out the key to achieving beautiful, moisturized skin below.

Exfoliation to Get Rid of Dead Skin

Achieving healthy hydration starts with eliminating dead, dull skin that can cause dryness, breakouts, irritation, and overall, less vibrant-looking skin. Exfoliation can be performed using physical exfoliation brushes, chemical treatments to peel of the top layer of dead skin, or physical scrubs that work to break up the dead surface layer skin. Some highly effective ingredients to look for in exfoliating scrubs include Alpha-hydroxy Acids or AHAs, dead sea salts, citrus blends, and Apricot Seed Oil.

Esthetician tip: Exfoliating in an upward circular motion can help to break up the dead skin, making it easier to remove.

Key Ingredients for Hydrated Skin

If you are applying a serum or moisturizer consistently and don’t seem to be seeing results, the products may not contain the right ingredients. Key ingredients to look for in your moisturizer and serum would first be water. Water is extremely hydrating not only when taken internally but also when applied to the skin. Hyaluronic acid, also known as, “nature’s moisture magnet,” works to draw moisture to the skin. Pycnogenol is also another effective moisturizing agent.

Skincare Techniques for Hydration

When it comes to skincare, it is not only the products and ingredients that are important but also the technique. To get optimal hydration, applying products when skin is damp will help the products to absorb better into the skin. Serums should be applied directly after washing and toning the skin when it is still damp. Once your favorite serum has been applied, wait until it is absorbed to apply your moisturizer to receive the full benefits of both products.

Internal Hydration for Healthy Skin

No matter the products, ingredients, or technique, if skin is not being properly hydrated internally it is going to be difficult to see the results externally. Drinking plenty of water and avoiding dehydrating drinks such as alcohol, caffeine, and sugary juices or soda can help in keeping skin hydrated. In addition to drinking water often, eating foods such as fruits and vegetables that contain large amounts of water can also help in adding hydration internally.

Add these tips, tricks, and techniques into your weekly skincare routine to see results in hydration.

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