ROAR: A 4-Step Process to Your Favorite Future

ROAR: A 4-Step Process to Your Favorite Future

ROAR is a simple 4-step process to finding transformation and fulfillment moving forward.

If you are 50 and healthy in mind, body, and spirit, it is possible that you can live to be 90! You’ll be able to live multiple lives in work, lifestyles, and relationships.

In ROAR Into the Second Half of Your Life (Before It’s Too Late), you can follow along a simple four-step process to finding transformation and fulfillment moving forward.

R is Reimagine Yourself

O is Own Who You Are

A is Act on What’s Next for You

R is Reassess Your Relationships

How do you reimagine yourself before others do it for you? What visioning do you do as part of a morning meditation or a daily journaling?

Before you can create a new future, you must identify what it is that you want. Rather than overwhelm yourself, start with one area. If it is to be healthier and fit, what does that look like for you as an individual?

Before you can move toward this change, you need to own who you are. That takes an honest and realistic assessment as to where you are right now. This should include a personal inventory of your health and financial numbers, as well as what I call a SWOT analysis of you! This is a list of your Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats.

From there, you build an action plan to act on what’s next for you.

My favorite approach is “life layering,” for when you add new skills, experiences, and knowledge to your life. Being a lifelong learner is one example. Are you staying up to date with the skills that have made you great at your work? Technology and changing habits are major disruptions. Never stop learning. Make a commitment to be a student your entire life.

Now, to find your true happiness, you need to reassess your relationships. Let’s start with the relationship you have with yourself!

Are you guilty of self-imposed ageism or placing barriers in front of yourself? Have you done the mental work to determine why that is?

My morning run is when I spend the time sorting out my own issues—and it is also a way to stay healthy and in shape! Think about the people in your orbit (including your family, friends, and coworkers). Who are the ones who support you and your ideas about a vision for your future?

This is the time to edit out those who are not part of what should be your own tribe of supporters. In order to make the YOU-turn, you need other people to get you there.

In my new book ROAR Into the Second Half of Your Life (Before It’s Too Late), I spoke to over 40 individuals who have made major changes in their life at midlife. Each inspirational, they share practical advice and their stories on how they did it.

Making ROAR your own personal and daily habit is how you can transform your life into your favorite future.

Ready. Set. ROAR.

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