A Ritual for Litha


Celebrate Litha, a summer solstice festival, with a simple fire ritual. Delight in the longest day of the year and enjoy the fruits of the season.

Litha is the ancient pagan celebration of the summer solstice, the moment when daytime is at its longest, usually around June 21st in the Northern Hemisphere. It’s one of the eight sabbats of the Wheel of the Year that are still celebrated by many modern witches today. You do not need to call yourself a witch to celebrate, of course, as this is a moment in the solar year that we all experience, no matter what our religion or background may be.

The Origins of Litha

The summer solstice is a peak moment in the solar year, all about brightness and light. This was said to be the time when the powers of the sun god are strong enough to nourish the goddess of the earth, bringing forth her abundance in the form of flowers, fruits, and other gifts from the earth. This is also the moment when we shift from one half of the year to the other: Every day after the summer solstice, the daylight will shorten until the winter solstice in December.

Litha was traditionally a fire festival, and many people would jump over small bonfires in order to symbolically cleanse the last half of the year and prepare for what comes next. (Read more about the spiritual meaning of Litha).

How to Perform a Litha Ritual

Here is a ritual you can do at home to celebrate the summer solstice. If you can, practice this ritual outside with others, but it can be done alone and indoors as well.

Please gather:

  • A candle or bonfire

  • Wildflowers, crystals, and anything else with significance to you that you’d like with you in your ritual

  • Some music

  • Food and drink that brings you pleasure

    Set Up Your Ritual Space

    Find a good spot outside, ideally on a hilltop (closer to the sun god) and spread out a blanket with your candle, wildflowers, your music (on your phone or through speakers), and picnic. If you’re inside, set up a space with your candle, symbolic items, and your treats.

    Light Your Candle or Fire

    Take a moment to close your eyes and imagine a circle of protection around yourself and others if you are in a group. Set a clear intention that this circle welcomes energies that are helpful, healing, and in alignment with the good of all and filters out anything else.

    Consider Your Relationship to the Land

    Think about your historical and cultural relationship with this particular land. Consider your immediate, intimate relationship with this land, the weather, the seasons, the plants and flowers, the sun, and how it feels to be on this land right now.

    Reflect on What’s Happened Since the Winter Solstice

    Consider what you’ve been building and what you’d like to release. When you feel ready, pass your hand over the candle, jump over the fire (if it’s very small and safe), or simply imagine making an offering to the fire, symbolically cleansing and releasing anything you no longer need.

    Consider What You’d Like to Celebrate Right Now

    It may be the flowers in bloom, the abundance of food, the relationships you enjoy, the learnings you are grateful for—whatever is true for you at the moment. Litha is a time for celebration and joy, not for setting intentions. Simply receive what’s good about your world right now. If you are with others, you may like to share your reflections in your circle.

    When you’re ready, start your music and celebrate: Drink, eat, and dance around the fire. Happy Litha!

    Add to the power of your ritual with a Litha guided meditation.


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    A Ritual for Litha

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