Collaborative Painting or Drawing

Collaborative Painting or Drawing

In this episode, Flora Bowley shows how collaboration can bring together creativity and connection.

Collaboration is a powerful and fun way to connect with other people, as well as a great way to loosen up and let go. This practice can be done on any scale and with any mediums.

Possible Materials

  • Paper or canvas
  • Pens, pencils, markers
  • Watercolor or acrylic paint
  • Paint brush(es)
  • Water to clean your brushes


Each person starts by adding marks, color, and/or imagery to their surface. After a decided upon amount of time, you each switch your piece with your partner (or partners). Now it’s your turn to add to what they’ve started for you. Feel free to turn the paper or canvas, cover over parts of what is already there, and really make it your own...until you switch again!

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