Inside the May/June 2018 Issue

Inside the May/June 2018 Issue

Spirituality & Health's May/June 2018 issue is now available.

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Discover Your Sacred Dream A shaman’s journey from the nightmare to
the daydream to the sacred dream By Alberto Villoldo, PHD

Can Healing Schools Heal Depression and Anxiety? The search for a school to ease my mind By Prema Gaia

How to Make the Best Decisions Playing the devil’s advocate can lead to bad
decision-making. Here’s what’s better . . .By Charlan Nemeth PHD

A Garden for Enlightenment The art of “synchronizing yourself to the natural
flow of the energy that surrounds you” An Interview with Martin Mosko by Sam Mowe


Inner Life: This goddess is never not broken.

Practice: A retreat into moral suffering and golden repair

Enlightened Diet: Ayurveda in the garden; The beginner’s mind of a master cook

Healthy Body: 5 steps to solving the opioid crisis

Relationships: Getting from wanting to having; My first five hours in prison; “Come with me, little lady”

Biosphere: Use your lawn to fight climate change.


Roadside Assistance for the Spiritual Traveler: Should I Thank Siri or Alexa? By Rabbi Rami Shapiro

Our Walk in the World: Going Off the Deep End By Mark Nepo

The Happiness Track: Naming Your Hauntings By Emma Seppala

The Heart of Money: Bitcoin and FOMO By Paul Sutherland


Poetry: "Beatific"

Toolbox: Healthy Soil, Healthy Planet


  • The Language of Kindness: A Nurse’s Story By Christie Watson
  • Grateful: The Transformative Power of Giving Thanks By Diana Butler Bass
  • Chasing Hope: A Patient’s Deep Dive into Stem Cells, Faith, and the Future By Richard M. Cohen
  • Mindful of Race: Understanding and Transforming Habits of Harm By Ruth King
  • No Mercy in This Land by Ben Harper and Charlie Musselwhite
  • Landfall by Laurie Anderson and the Kronos Quartet
  • American Utopia by David Byrne
  • Mantra: Sounds into Silence Directed by Georgia Wyss and Wari OM
  • Itzhak Directed by Alison Chernick

The Commons: "Lettuce, Turnip, the Beet"

Five Questions: Sera Beak

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