Inside the September/October Issue

Inside the September/October Issue

A preview of the Sept/Oct 2017 issue featuring Frank Ostaseski.

Spirituality & Health's Sept/Oct 2017 issue is now available.


Why & How to Let Go of Fear The simple step is to understand the basic patterns driving our evolution. By Bruce Lipton, PhD

The Healing Truth Behind All Our Great Religions The goal of the World Wisdom Bible is not to create a world religion, but to create peace, 12 coffee cups at a time. By Rabbi Rami Shapiro

Awakening to Kalachakra How easy it is to completely miss the inner wisdom of our ancient wisdom traditions. By Ed Bastian, PhD

The Art of Caring: An Interview with Frank Ostaseski "In Buddhism, we often talk about enlightenment or awakening, but words like that feel far away to me. I speak about intimacy." By Sam Mowe


Inner Life: One man's story of the evolution of God; An interview with Daniel Goleman and Richard Davidson

Practice: Canine help along the Bodhisattva Path with Lama Surya Das

Enlightened Diet: 5 Peruvian Superfoods You’ve Never Heard Of

Healthy Body: How to Feed the Brain in Your Belly

Relationships: Becoming Trans-Personal; "Tend & Befriend"

Biosphere: Entrepreneurs of Civilization


Roadside Assistance for the Spiritual Traveler: Should I Feel Guilty about Being Happy? By Rabbi Rami Shapiro

Our Walk in the World: Original Steps By Mark Nepo

The Happiness Track: Finding a Dream Job By Emma Seppala

The Heart of Money: Pay for Preschool or Save for College By Paul Sutherland


Your Assignment: Help Build This Indigenous Peoples Monument

Toolbox: Open Wide


  • The Four Tendences: The Indispensable Personality Profiles That Reveal How to Make Your Life Better (and Other People's Lives Better, Too) by Gretchen Rubin
  • The Forever Letter: Writing What We Believe for Those We Love by Elana Zaiman
  • How Cycling Can Save the World by Peter Walker
  • Reconcilable Differences: Connecting in a Disconnected World by Dawna Markova PhD and Angie McArthur
  • Truth Is a Beautiful Thing by London Grammar
  • Binary by Ani DiFranco
  • Is This the Life We Really Want? by Roger Waters
  • Chasing Coral by Jeff Orlowski
  • Marie Curie: The Courage of Knowledge by Marie Noëlle
  • In Pursuit of Silence by Patrick Shen

The Commons: Creating Alternative, Legal, and Sustainable Incomes

Five Questions: Gretchen Rubin

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