A Celebration of Love

A Celebration of Love

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Product of the Week: Jamu Javanese Lulur Scrub

When you marry ancient spiritual traditions from Asia with years of experience formulating herbal remedies in the area, you’re likely to find a pretty special result. Kim Collier founded Jamu hoping to share not only the exotic ingredients she discovered in places like Bali and the Asia Pacific Rim, but the traditions and culture as well for each product. The Jamu Javanese Lulur Scrub is inspired by the traditional rituals of a Javanese wedding.

What is it?

The scrub comes in a jar as a powder, a mix of rice powder and turmeric scented with jasmine and frangipani flowers. The jasmine “melati” flower is a sign of love and fertility and traditionally worn by the bride and groom. The frangipani is a spiritual offering, placed on prayer temples and in the home. Water is added to the powder and it becomes a paste to rub on your skin. The Javanese Lulur ritual dates back to the 17th century and was performed for the 40 days leading up to a wedding ceremony. Friends and family of the bride would give the ritual to her while passing down their wisdom.

Does it work?

Although I wouldn't be able to replicate the actual Javanese Lulur ritual, I was definitely inspired by the story. The idea that a bride would be lavished for over a month with a scrub by her nearest and dearest, while also receiving deep insights is a ritual to be celebrated. I thought about my own husband, family, and friends while applying the scrub and felt their energy and love. The texture felt like a fine, chalky sand. The turmeric does give a yellow hue to the skin, so be mindful of the clothes you wear while applying. After I washed the scrub off, I lightly applied some of the Jamu jasmine frangipani organic oil, which had a beautiful scent and stayed with me lovingly all day.

Final thought

Honoring a traditional ritual and celebrating love can create a glow you can’t find in a bottle. Jamu Javanese Lulur Scrub offers beauty inside and out.

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