Body of Work: Tina Lassiter

Body of Work: Tina Lassiter

Tina Lassiter’s passion in creative expression clearly shows in the breadth of her work as an artist, photographer, and writer. Little did she know when she started that a path toward healing can be manifested into works of art.

Lassiter discovered her collage style while taking an arts and healing class. The exercise began as a free writing journaling session and she innately collaged her story visually. The final piece, which can be found in the pages of S&H’s special issue, The Soul Body Connection, became the start of a series called the “Harlem Renaissance Goddess.” In the beginning, the collages were simply a torso with no heads or feet and were direct expressions of Lassiter’s own body issues. As she worked through the ideas of self-image and self-acceptance, her collages evolved into full people—as a celebration of the beauty and gifts of all women.

Lassiter says that when she is being creative in whatever form, she feels a sense of peace and calm. Mindfulness plays a key role in her process and setting an intention and being present allows her to create the most authentic work.

From her own journey of healing and creative expression comes a drive to share her discoveries. For the past 13 years, Lassiter has served as the Director of Creative & Therapeutic Arts Services at Children’s National Health System. Her art has also appeared in several galleries and can be seen in S&H’s story "The Heart of Tantra." Visit her online here.

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