New Music: Brenda McMorrow, Techung, DJ Drez, and Omar Sosa

New Music: Brenda McMorrow, Techung, DJ Drez, and Omar Sosa

Photo credit: David Sproule

From spiritual folk to mantra music, tune into 4 new albums—selected by the S&H editors. Click the album title for a full review.

Igniting the Beauty
Brenda McMorrow
White Swan Records

Brenda McMorrow played folk music in her 20s, but it wasn’t until 2004 that she was struck by the beauty and depth of devotional music. That lightning bolt of discovery can be heard on McMorrow’s latest release, Igniting the Beauty.

Lam La Che (On the Road)
ARC Music Productions

The latest album from the Tibetan-born folk and freedom musician Techung, Lam La Che (On the Road) combines traditional songs from his motherland with original pieces that both honor the beauty and melodies of Tibet and pay tribute to those continuing the struggle for autonomy.

Jahta Beat: Chanting with Tigers
DJ Drez
Black Swan Sounds

Chanting with Tigers is mantra music for the here and now. This fifth album in the Jahta Beat series by urban beat master DJ Drez is relaxing and intriguing at the same time.

Omar Sosa
Otá Records

Cuban-born pianist Omar Sosa began studying music when he was eight years old. Since moving to California’s Bay Area in 1995, he’s invigorated the Latin jazz scene with fresh ideas, tasteful electronic sampling, and attention to the subtle details of sound, often with his Afreecanos Quartet.

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