A Ritual for New Beginnings

A Ritual for New Beginnings

By Carol Takacs
My friends and family have spent many a get-together listening once again as I raise my glass and toast to “new beginnings.” So much so that it’s becoming a signature mantra. Why do I savor new beginnings with such passion? It’s not because I don’t appreciate what has come before. On the contrary—when faced with a new beginning I make a special place for it in the tapestry of life. My passion for new beginnings comes rather from the energy of renewal and hope that a new beginning sparks within!
Consider the big transitions in life—marriage, birth of a child, graduation, opening a new business—to be like raw pieces of cloth. The smaller passages—a new friendship, a new way of looking at a challenge at work—are like the thread that binds the raw cloth together. Each passage, big and small, is important in creating the fabric of our life.
To honor the transitions in life, big and small, I invite you to partake in a ceremony for new beginnings:
Opening: Recite an intention for the ceremony. Bring elements from nature into your ceremony by lighting a candle (fire), sipping a cup of tea (water), feeling the earth beneath your feet (earth), and taking three deep, restorative breaths (air).
Ceremony: Sit quietly or move, playing music that reflects your mood. Reflect on the journey you are embarking. What brought you to this moment? What do you envision for the future? What are your hopes? Honor feelings that come up. Select a symbol that represents this beginning? Symbols may include: seeds representing a new life emerging, a rock signifying strength, a flower showing the beauty of this beginning, a butterfly embodying the journey you are taking.
Closing: Recite a special prayer or poem. Recite your intention for the new beginning. Enjoy the journey!

Carol Takacs is an organizational and leadership development consultant, life coach, and certified Life-Cycle celebrant. Her specialty includes earth-based rituals and ceremonies. As a celebrant, she is able to draw on the fundamental rites of passage to guide her clients through life’s transitions with unique and personalized ceremonies. Learn more at

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