Weather or Not to Vote

I just spoke with my dad in western Massachusetts. He and my mom are praying that hurricane Sandy doesn't cause too much damage or take any lives. My dad isn't what I could call a religious man—I'm not sure he believes in the efficacy of prayer— but he is an observant Jew who attends morning minyan, so praying does comes naturally to him.

While less religious and observant than my parents, I add my prayers to theirs. And I add one more: that Sandy won't keep them and millions of other voters from voting. My dad (whose first name is Archie and whose last name could very well be Bunker) voted for Obama last year and plans to do the same this year. He likes the President, and doesn't trust Mitt Romney. Did he vote for Romney for Governor of Massachusetts? Let's just say that voting Democrat was new for him.

But this post isn't about my dad's politics but about God's preferences. If, as so many people believe, God is in charge of the universe, Sandy must be part of God's plan. God's very own October Surprise. But did he send Sandy to help Romney or Obama?

When God sent hurricane Katrina slamming into New Orleans it was, so we were told, to punish the city for its liberal stance toward the LGBQ community. The fact that Katrina missed the Gay part of town not withstanding, it is clear that God uses the weather to influence our lives. So who is God trying to help with Sandy? As a devout climatheologian, how am I to read God's weather report?

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