Trust the Ball

Now that we have two GOP contests under our belt I turned to my trustworthy Magic 8-Ball to determine the future. Here is what I learned:
-Will Mitt Romney be the next President of the United States? Yes.
-Will anything really change? Very doubtful.
-Will the US go to war with Iran? You may rely on it.
-Will we pay for war by cutting the social safety net for the poor, sick, and elderly? Signs point to yes.
-Will Americans learn anything from our experiences in Iraq and Afghanistan? My sources say no.
-Will the economy improve in 2012? Outlook not so good.
-Are Mormons Christian? Better not tell you now.
The Ball is never wrong. Yet, like all prognosticators you can hire your own to get the results you want. If you don’t like these answers, buy your Ball and let us know what it tells you.

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