Science & Spirit: Spending Habits, Alzheimer’s, Cancer

Science & Spirit: Spending Habits, Alzheimer’s, Cancer

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What do your spending habits reveal about your personality type? Find out in the latest news from the world of science. Also discover ways to reduce your risk of Alzheimer’s disease and cancer. Ready? Let’s go.

The Link Between Personality and Spending Habits

“What’s in your wallet?” asks a well-known credit card ad. Maybe a better question is, “What’s in your credit card statement?” Because apparently, those spending records can reveal much about your personality traits. According to the Association for Psychological Science, people tend to spend money in ways that are rather revealing. Here’s what research has found.

If you are: You spend more on:

More open to experiences = Airline travel

Extroverted = Dining and drinking in restaurants

Agreeable = Contribute more to charity donations

Conscientious = Overall spend less

Materialistic = Jewelry

Have self-control = Save money on bank charges

Worried = Spend less on mortgage payments

What do you think? Do your spending habits match your personality traits? For more, read “How Conscious Is Your Money?”

Avoiding Dementia

According to the Alzheimer’s Association, people who have a close relative with the disease are more likely to also develop it. But while hereditary factors do come into play, a new study just presented at the Alzheimer's Association International Conference brought good news. Simply following a healthy lifestyle can greatly reduce the risk of developing dementia, regardless of genetic risk. The study was a large one, done on nearly 200,000 adults ages 60 and older in Europe. Researchers found that regular physical activity, a healthy diet and moderate alcohol consumption lowered the risk of dementia 32 percent, regardless of family history. “Our findings are exciting as they show that we can take action to try to offset our genetic risk for dementia,” wrote the study’s joint lead author. For tips on brain-healthy diet, read “Best Foods to Fight Memory Loss.”

Put Down that Soda!

A team of researchers in France found a potential link between sugary drinks like fruit juice and soda, and an increased risk of cancer. The study looked at daily consumption of these sugary bevvies and found that they were associated with increased risk of cancer overall, as well as a 22 percent increased risk of breast cancer. The changes may be due to additives, or possibly how the body processes sugar. The study went on to say, “These data support the relevance of existing nutritional recommendations to limit sugary drink consumption, including 100 percent fruit juice, as well as policy actions, such as taxation and marketing restrictions targeting sugary drinks.”

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