7 Antidotes to Feeling Stuck

7 Antidotes to Feeling Stuck


Common ways that create a sense of being stuck and their antidote.

An intuitive recently came to my business and when she walked in the door she said, “There is a lot of stuck energy here from your employees.” My first reaction was disbelief and I started to argue with her, “No, they are totally happy working here.” After all, I have a loving relationship with my employees and consider them my friends. But even as I said the words, she shook her head and said, “No. They may love it here, they may love you, but they feel stuck.”

My first thought was, “Am I the one who is stuck?” Then, as I brought this conversation up with my staff, every one of them did the same thing, questioning whether the intuitive was talking about them individually. This was a pretty clear sign she was right. Within days of the conversation two of them decided to leave their positions.

Of course, I was deeply sad to have my beloved staff move on, but it caused me to take a closer look at this notion of being stuck. I questioned what creates it and what may help us. This is particularly interesting in the realm of relationships because, ironically, sometimes it is love itself that keeps us stuck. I believe this is partially true of my staff. Because we all love each other, it made it harder to make the changes our own souls were calling us forth to make.

While this is only a partial list, these are some of the things that create a sense of being stuck and their antidote.

Doing nothing. I have found that inaction is worse than wrong action. Sometimes we get paralyzed by not knowing what the right thing to do is or where we are leaping to, is so we end up not doing anything. Inaction is a trap. To the best of your ability, pick a path and walk it. If it is the wrong path, the universe will give you signs and you will quickly know you need a different path. Antidote: Do something.

Not following inner guidance. Some of the most uncomfortable moments of my life are when I hear a voice inside me telling me to do something and I ignore it. Do you ever experience an inner inkling or nudge to go in a certain direction and deny the push? Antidote: Listen, trust, and act.

Honoring other people’s needs above your own. This is an honorable perspective, but when putting other people’s needs above your own to the point of causing yourself harm, it is time to make a change. We need to trust that other people have the same Spirit watching over them that we do, and we are not the only ones who can solve other people’s problems. Antidote: Know the line between caring and co-dependence.

Working to our kryptonite instead of to our super powers. Too often we find ourselves busy doing what we don’t like and aren’t good at (kryptonite) while our gifts and talents (super powers) lie in waiting for us to bring them forth. Antidote: Do something every day that nurtures your talents, gifts, and strengths.

Lack of creativity and growth. A block often often happens when we stop growing, learning, and creating. That energy-depleting feeling of the grind bogs us down. Regardless of your job or role in life, it is up to you to mix things up, and add new elements. Antidote: Regularly do something new, or try something that scares you.

Lack of support. Sometimes we just plain need a little help. However, we tend to expect help to be offered without telling others we need it. It is my understanding that even our guides and angels can only help us when we ask. Antidote: Ask! The worst thing that will happen is you will have to ask someone else.

Blame and collusion. When we are feeling stuck, the most natural reaction is to find something or someone to blame. Then, we call our best friends who collude with us in our victim mindset saying, “Yeah, how dare he/she!” or “It is so unfair!” It is times like these when we should call a different person—one who will encourage us to improve or change our story. Antidote: Take responsibility for every aspect of your life.

What do you do to get unstuck?

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