Finding the Center

Finding the Center

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In hearing about Trump's executive order to build a wall between the United States and Mexico, it brought forth a vision for me of little children on a beach. In this vision, the waves were crashing nearby and the tide coming in, and the children were quite busy building up a sand wall, to keep the water away from their castle. But all too soon, the waves indeed crashed over the sand wall and took the castle into her waters.

What is a wall? It is separation. The fact that this came forward from not only Trump, but was supported by many in our country, was at first a surprise. Now I understand a bit more about it, after having taken a good look around. We live in separation. A very good, tightly sealed sense of separation is suctioned in place, so that nothing may cross into the other side. We have our places of worship, where only we go. We have our grocery stores. We have our particular circle of friends, our social events, our news sources, our schools, and the list goes on and on. We are conveniently quieted from differences of opinion, all too used to living in our bubble, and looking on with disbelief and frustration through the distorted image that our bubble provides of the "others." We shake our heads and quietly bump our bubbles onward to the next activity, that does not involve anyone outside of its protective sphere. As the inner frustration builds because our needs are not being met, in this sense of isolation and separation, we explode and lash out at each other. This is life in America now.

Ah, but I wish to be free.

The other day my daughter and I took a class to learn how to make a candle shaped like a bowl. It's done by dipping a water filled balloon in a hot tub of beeswax. So, there we were dipping our balloons into the hot wax, holding on to the tied balloon top, and submerging the wobbly sphere halfway in. With each dip, my little bowl formed shape on the bottom edge of a blue balloon. Finally I finished, and set the water filled balloon, with a crescent shaped skirt of wax on its underside, in an empty pot. My candle teacher handed me a needle, and it was time to pop that darn thing. I jabbed at the balloon with my needle, and splooge (my attempt at the sound that issued forth), the water spilled out into the pot, and the little blue balloon flopped lifelessly in the water with a beautiful crescent shaped candle sitting peacefully in the mess.

What a relief, and how beautiful it was.

So how do we pop our bubble like sense of separation to get that same relief?

First of all, we have to realize the shape of the bubble. It is round and has definition. Definition comes from polarity. We live in a world with positive and negative. One cannot exist without the other, and one increases in strength as we focus on the other. The more we focus on the polarity the harder it is to find peace inside, and with each other. When we sit in the center of our being, we are at peace with the polarity, in fact we love it.

I never really got it until now. It is incredible how people in our country have taken to slandering one another as a means of relationship. This type of communication keeps us polarized, separate, and conveniently in our bubbles, however much they may be bumping into each other. That is why now more than ever, we have to find middle ground. Whether it be within ourselves and a sense of grounding, or it be with our friends, neighbors, colleagues, and fellow country men and women. Middle is the key. We take power away from the polarity, and instead put power into our center by relating to our common experience, and our unity.

The tool to popping the bubble is the voice. Say it, sing it, and express it. Now is the time for the opening of the fifth Chakra, the energy center that resides at our throat center. One of the most powerful mantras that I know, that awakens the awareness of unity comes from the first Sikh Guru, Guru Nanak. This mantra is Ek Ong Kaar.

Ek Ong Kaar

It means the One Creator, is manifested on this planet through the Divine sound current, and that creativity flows forth from this sound. When we chant Ek Ong Kaar, we align our entire beings with this creative flow. No longer are we acting out of individual request and desire, but with this sound current, we align ourselves with the common good, the common request, and that which is beneficial for all. This is our lesson now, as souls incarnated in this time. With a planet that has limited natural resource, and space, there is no other way for us really. We can build walls for sure, but then the lesson that we are all one is not being learned on a greater cosmic scale, and we are slammed back into the hard circumstances of life until that lesson is finally learned. We cannot really convince anyone of this, especially if they feel that walls should be built. We have to listen to each other, to the aches and pains that got us into this experience of polarity. Then in a healthy way we can collectively find the solutions that will truly benefit all, and be sustaining. This mantra is incredibly powerful for me, to bring me back to the capacity for this type of approach. I encourage you to chant it in the morning to give yourself a powerful dose, and then throughout the day, and night as needed. Here is a recording to follow along and get the cadence (it is the first track on Shanti).

There was never a time in human history when hardship did not bring heroes, warriors and saints.

We shall rise in these times too.

One person's light of consciousness will be felt by another, and will bring healing to them.

Trust it.

Live it.

Be it.

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