VIDEO: How to Have a More Compassionate Diet

VIDEO: How to Have a More Compassionate Diet

Courtesy of Conscious Living TV

My decision to go vegan was the result of a long journey which began with the decision to stop eating red meat. After cutting out chicken and fish, the last and hardest step was giving up dairy. It was challenging at first to be open to a new way of eating and feeling lighter in my body, but the science was persuasive: doctors recommend a plant-based diet to reduce inflammation, fight cancer and increase overall longevity.

One of the most compelling arguments, however, stemmed from spiritual beliefs about the sentient nature of all living beings. For me, going vegan was a logical next step on my spiritual journey to living a more loving, connected and compassionate life.

On this episode of Conscious Living®, founder of non-profit Compassion Over Killing, Erica Meier, is in studio to share with us the importance of adopting a compassionate diet - and how delicious and easy it can be.

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