Video: Who Made Your Clothes?

Video: Who Made Your Clothes?

While meditation, yoga and walking the spiritual path are fundamental to living mindfully, the practical side of conscious living means being aware of the impact my everyday choices have on others and the world. On April 24, 2013, 1133 people died and 2500 were injured in the Rana Plaza sweatshop factory collapse in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Rana Plaza garment workers toiled 16 hours a day, 7 days a week producing "fast fashion" for brands like Wal Mart and The Gap for wages less than $40 month.

In response to this catastrophe, a global movement, Fashion Revolution Day, will take place in 55+ countries on the anniversary of Rana Plaza, April 24th, 2014. By asking consumers the powerful question, "Who Made Your Clothes?" and inviting them to wear their clothes #insideout to show solidarity with garment workers around the world, Fashion Revolution Day serves to honor the lives lost to fast fashion and create more justice and transparency in the garment supply chain. On this episode of Conscious Living TV, we hear from international model, journalist and fashion activist Yomi Abiola, who speaks candidly on her experience with injustice in the fashion industry and how we as consumers have the responsibility to be more conscious about the clothes we wear.

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