What’s Your Why?

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Don’t get lost on the path to finding your purpose. Discover your “why” in three ways.

What if we feel like we have no purpose? Many people in our culture keep their busy lives full to the brim so that they are distracted from confronting this question. Others suffer greatly from an acute awareness of feeling aimless, bored, and clueless about their purposes. I had a boyfriend in college who felt lost and aimless in this regard. Hanging out in his dorm room (bored myself) while he was in class one day, I noticed a leather notebook sitting on his nightstand. I flipped it open, not exactly with the intention of snooping, but more with the curiosity of a teenage girl, thinking it was a little bit funny and adorable that he actually wrote in a journal. My eye caught the first sentence that said, “My life feels like I’m a painter who is holding a paintbrush, sitting in front of a canvas, who cannot decide what to paint, and who is waiting so long for the inspiration, that the paint has long since dried on his brush.” I realized I had just violated his privacy in a major way and slammed the book shut. But my heart ached for the anguish I knew it caused him to feel so paralyzed with uncert …

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