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Featured Artist: Adrian Landon Brooks

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Adrian Landon Brooks

S&H editor Ben Nussbaum spoke with Wimberley, Texas-based Adrian Landon Brooks about living in the country, “painting on weird objects,” geometric patterns, and more.

Tell me about your journey away from traditional paper and canvas. Adrian: It was a little bit of a fork in the road. I met my wife in Austin and we lived there for a while and then when it was looking like we wanted to create a homestead, we opted for the hill country outside Austin. So we bought six acres and that started a never-ending project—the land had no infrastructure whatsoever on it—we built from the ground up and did a lot of the work ourselves. Almost all of the wood I use as canvas is native Texas wood, and a lot of that has to do with my surroundings. I had always lived in the city—San Francisco and Austin and I grew up in Houston—so to live literally in the woods definitely impacted my creative process. ... I feel grateful for our decision to live out here and let that manifest in my process. Do you miss the city? Do you feel the need to recreate the hustle and bustle of the city in some way? I thought that would be the case, but honestly it’s right where I need to be. I’m able to achieve some focus that I wasn’t able to otherwise. There’s just less distractions. Not having tha …

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Ben Nussbaum is the Editor-in-Chief of Spirituality & Health.

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