Little Lessons: New Insights for the Future

Little Lessons: New Insights for the Future

Gain New Insights About Yourself and Be Encouraged to Take the Next Step Toward a Better Future


Fresh Starts is a holistic guide for anyone interested in setting out on an adventurous quest to transform their life through reflections, practical tools, and spiritual wisdom.

Little Lessons

This book shares little lessons, not in any particular order.

It would be lovely if life happened in a set and predictable order, if your lessons showed up in the same sequence as mine. Nonetheless, we each have our own paths to walk. While there are similarities between them, the progression is rarely the same.

Life happens all at once, and one step at a time. We get in a fight at home, and it may come to the office to influence our work that day. We get stressed at the office, and it comes home with us to weaken our immunity. If we get sick, it affects all our relationships, personal and professional. That, in turn, affects our success (however you define it) in all elements of our lives.

And so these little lessons flow in and out.





Flow creates strength

Excerpted with permission from Balboa Press from Fresh Starts: Transformation in Action by Camille Leon.

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