Understanding Clairvoyance

Understanding Clairvoyance

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How do intuition, channeling, and medical intuition intersect?

We are all actually intuitive, serve as a channel, and sometimes a medical intuitive—that is, we all receive our information through energy. Intuition is often referred to as a gut reaction, instinct, foresight or a certain knowingness. It is the ability to understand something without the need for conscious reasoning. But, often times, we don’t recognize it, pay attention, or understand how to interpret it.

We receive this energy information through the claire senses. Clairvoyance is to clearly see, clairaudience is clear hearing, clairsentience is clear feeling, clairalience is clear smelling, clairgustance is clear tasting, and claircognizance is clear knowing.


Depending on how open you are to receiving, spirit guidance will communicate through these senses—that’s what’s called channeling. When a person clears their mind, they find that random thoughts, images, and symbols spontaneously arise. While many people channel to just seek inner wisdom, there are those who hear from ancient and wise entities, deceased relatives, or spirits who desire to impart important cosmic wisdom and universal truths.

There are various ways that people channel. Some by taking their awareness and moving aside, while others welcome an entity into their body for the purpose of communication. This has been around for millennia and practiced in many cultures around the world. It’s important to know who and what you are channeling—after all, it is your decision, as there are positive and negative forces in the world. I always begin with a clear intention and ask for power, protection, and support when doing this work.

Medical Intuition

Medical intuition is a form of energy information received through the interpreter, from the body, the Higher Self, and spirit guidance. It entails being open and deciphering a different type of communication than what we are accustomed to—using a type of symbol or code—then relaying it into an understood language.

We’ve all played that game “telephone,” where you pass a message down a row of people. Similarly, if you don’t recognize a message coming to you, you may need to ask more questions in order to better understand. All energy runs through our filters and what is familiar to us.

I remember a woman I was reading for years ago. I could see what looked like miniscule bugs all inside of her body. I didn’t quite understand this information as I didn’t have a frame of reference, so I asked quite simply if she had encountered in her health any type of bugs. She said, No, but years ago I had Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, which is a bacterial disease spread by ticks. The information was then clear to me, and I could connect both her physical and emotional state from this point and what was out of balance, thereby making recommendations on how she could better heal.

Listening to Signs

We are all comprised of energy, emitting and receiving information moment by moment. Are you listening to the signs and signals?

In times like these, it’s important to become better in tune with yourself—imagine being able, then, to better understand and connect the dots in your life.

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