17 Sneaky Ways You Are Repressing Yourself

17 Sneaky Ways You Are Repressing Yourself

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“You don’t have a procrastination problem, an accountability problem, or a personality problem.”

Quarantine Tara is very direct, so let me cut straight to the root of what you think is holding you back.

You don’t have a procrastination problem, an accountability problem, or a personality problem.

You have an Inner Critic problem: a set of thought habits that keep you from fulfilling your unique, sacred callings and potentials.

Here are 17 ways your Inner Critic is causing you to hide your light, hold yourself back, and keep your best ideas trapped within … without you even realizing that’s what’s taking place:

1. Creating unnecessary drama by doing everything the hardest possible way or ignoring important details in your life

2. Creating chaos and crisis in the periphery of your life so you don’t have to focus on the scary inner work or intimidating parts of your life goals (e.g.: by picking arguments or clumsily having accidents)

3. “I’ll do it myself”: not letting others help you or pull their weight

4. Perfectionism (which: exhausting and self-repressive)

5. Futzing around ad nauseum with the name of your business, brand, platform, book, blog, etc. so you never really get it launched instead of diving deep into the substance and content and launching meaningful, imperfect things

6. A chronic pattern of intervening between others and the natural consequences of their behavior (aka codependency)

7. Mating and pairing and partnering and hiring and teaming up and raising people who underperform so you have to do All of the Things, All of the Time

8. Incessantly seeking love and approval from others instead of giving it to yourself, in the form of prioritizing title, status, money, achievements, approval, awards, “wins”, shout-outs and even competing with others over just doing what really matters to you

9. Chronically getting bored and moving onto other projects when things start to feel too easy

10. Chronically trying to delegate, outsource or sidestep the parts of your most important projects that spark your own Inner Resistance (the parts that spark Resistance point to your most transformational soul work—that’s why they feel scary)

11. Believing the lie of culture that says you have to prove your worthiness by being perfect or working your heart out

12. Refusing to focus on one of your many brilliant ideas because you feel like you’ll choose the wrong one and miss out on something

13. Shiny object syndrome (which: also exhausting)

14. Majoring in the minors: keeping yourself distracted and depleted on the things that don’t actually move the needle on your business, creative or life goal

15. Saying you’re confused or unclear about your life purpose, what you really want and what you want to spend the precious moments of this life doing (you’re not)

16. Saying yes when you mean or FEEL “NO”

17. Telling the story that you don’t have time, energy, or money you really do have but simply aren’t prioritizing in alignment with what you actually care about.


    There is a calling on your life.

    There is a transformational empire that wants to be built through you. A book. A blog. A special system. A business.

    And you’ve always known it.

    During quarantine season, you’re probably starting to hear your soul’s calling a little more urgently ... or maybe a lot.

    Maybe you can even feel your calling in your body. It feels like a great tension within, as you hold yourself back from going where your Inner Guidance is telling you to GO.

    PLEASE hear me right now, as I speak for all of humanity: WE DON’T HAVE TIME FOR YOU TO KEEP PARTICIPATING IN YOUR OWN SMALLNESS. You = small is a lie.

    If you’ve been asking yourself why you can’t ever seem to get traction on your business dreams or life goals, and any of the things on that list come up as answers, now you know the truth: these are all just various methods of self-repression you engage in to keep yourself small, safe and out of the tension, out of the fear.

    But if you’re ready to have your own, personal Great Reset and become an unapologetic leader of your own thought leadership platform, your own message, your own business, or your own life, please hear me when I say that you are ONE EPIPHANY AWAY from feeling the fever of self-repression break.

    And when that fever breaks, you will feel like I feel right now: LIKE I’M BREATHING FIRE.

    • Unapologetically, DEEPLY in love with yourself, your purpose, and the people you serve.

    • You will feel poised. Prolific. REAL. Resilient. Powerful. Able to make your lifelong dreams REAL, without any further delay or hesitation.

    • You’ll feel a wave of self-respect that feels like unprecedented, perfect love.

    • You’ll feel radiant. Magnetic. Masterful in your life because you’re just always listening to Inner Wisdom and moving in the direction of whatever feels like: shackles OFF.

    • You’ll feel on purpose, EVEN IN A PANDEMIC. Even when all you’re doing is resting or connecting with friends, or nourishing your body or your family.

    • You’ll feel clarity and power, but also relaxation, knowing that Divine Order and Timing are so real that you can’t even GET it wrong. You go from success to success. From glory to glory.

    Your self-sabotage can end, starting NOW.

    My personal un-repression journey—the journey into my powerful, magical, masterful NOW—started during the recession back in 2008, when I lost everything.

    So I speak with total clarity and authority when I tell you that as untethering as the last twelve months have been, this can still be the season of your radical liberation… the season when you start living your unlived life.

    I can’t wait to watch as your life explodes into TECHNICOLOR success, happiness, and abundance.

    It doesn’t have to take forever and it doesn’t have to be a struggle.

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